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Mihono Bourbon (umamusume)

Mar 14, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 3,339
Epochs: 9
Trigger Words
mihono bourbon \(umamusume\)
Training Images
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LoRA of Mihono Bourbon (umamusume), actually LoHa.

Put LoHa file in your stable-diffusion-webui/models/lora folder and write LoRA notation in prompt to applying LoHa. <lora:your_loha_name:weight>

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[2023-03-14 13:00 GMT] New version releases!

Many things change. Please use new version.

Recommend options

  • LoRA weight 0.7~0.8

  • Trigger words

    • base

      • mihono bourbon \(umamusume\)

    • Racing competition costume :

      • grey hairband, glowing hair ornament, detached sleeves, bare shoulders, clothing cutout, pink necktie, white leotard, highleg leotard, pleated skirt, grey skirt, lowleg skirt, miniskirt, white thighhighs, grey footwear

    • Halloween costume :

      • official alternate costume, ghost costume, halloween, mini top hat, black headwear, jack-o'-lantern on head, purple bow, hood up, white shirt, long sleeves, white jacket, chain

    • Valentine costume :

      • official alternate costume, valentine, white gloves, low-tied long hair, brown hairband, frilled hairband, hair ornament, jewelry, brooch, shoulder cutout, bare shoulders, red ascot, off-shoulder dress, sleeveless dress, wrist cuffs, brown dress, frills, waist apron, red footwear

    • Casual clothes :

      • casual, grey hairband, white hoodie, clothes writing, long sleeves, white jacket, open clothes, open jacket, yoga pants, blue pants, leggings, black socks, shoes, white footwear

    • Swimsuit :

      • grey hairband, indoors, water, covered navel, wet clothes, blue one-piece swimsuit, wet hair, poolside, competition school swimsuit, wet swimsuit, single vertical stripe

    • Tracen school uniform :

      • tracen school uniform, purple shirt, pleated skirt, puffy short sleeves, white skirt, puffy sleeves, summer uniform, frilled skirt, sailor collar, sailor shirt, miniskirt, frills, white thighhighs

Use a model derived from or mixed with animefull model.

  • Settings

    • Stable Diffusion WebUI by Automatic1111

    • DPM++ Series(SDE Karras, 2M Karras, etc.)

    • about 20 steps, CFG scale 3.5~6.5

    • I recommend kl-f8-anime2.vae

    • CLIP skip = 1

    • Use Hires.fix to get higher quality image

      • Up-scaler

        • Latent, Latent (nearest-exact), Latent (bicubic antialiased) or other Latent series.

      • Denoising strength 0.50~0.65

LoRA training info

  • trained on sd-scripts by kohya_ss.

  • based on Animefull-pruned model

  • 154 images of mihono bourbon

    • 4x low quality 45 images

    • 8x medium quality 55 images

    • 16x high quality 54 images

    • => 1 epoch = 1484 images

  • replaced character feature tags with mihono bourbon \(umamusume\)

    • 1girl, animal ears, hair between eyes, horse ears, long hair, very long hair, brown hair, bangs, solo, tail, horse tail, purple eyes, blue eyes, tail through clothes, horse girl, ahoge

    • I think these tags are the essentials of bourbon.

  • resolution : 768x768 with aspect ratio bucketing.

  • other training settings are included in or metadata in LoRA file.

All uploaded images are generated by AOM3A1

And, special thanks to my best friend. DH.