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ControlNet Pre-Trained Models Reviews

This works great. This is how you use it:
Follow this video like most people did -

Then instead of downloading the 50GB of models, download the 8 models from this page and use those instead.

I did that and am not using controlnet, it's awesome and big big thanks to uploader.


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Canny seems to be the best model for combining 2 separate images

A couple of results using Movie Diffusion.

Working wonderfully - huge space saver. Thanks for going to the trouble of creating these cut down versions.

Trying to use ControlNet with Deforum extension gives me this error:

TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'dict' and 'int'

I swapped to the .pth files after trying a dozen other changes and now it works. This is likely related to a known bug when using fp16 instead of fp32 files, but I'm only supposing, since it doesn't even say what these are anywhere, fp16 or fp32. I only know Deforum devs say no fp16 and that the official pruned CN models are all fp16, plus, in the comments, the author stated these are the same as the pruned models on HF. I should mention these files worked fine on regular t2i & i2i output in Automatic1111, but BOTH my machines crashed using these with Deforum with the same error and now they work. This btw is not the author's fault. Her models are fine. It's Deforum that can't handle CN + fp16 models, apparently.

I use these all the time for all sorts of stuff and they work just as well as the official released models and all of them take as much space as a single official model!

Amazing work!

This is a gem!

my old SSD was so full it's a lifesaver, but the load speed difference is huge too.

Thank You!

Really nice work, 5GB down to this is great!