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Final Fantasy Tactics Jobs Style

Sep 22, 2023
Base Model
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2


I made this using every FFT job illustration by Yoshida Akihiko (missing male bard but I'll include him in a future update). Most of the primary character designs are included in the training data as well.

I made use of the Topaz upscaler software so I was able to remaster many of the images that are otherwise very low res (you lucky b*****ds); even Duke Goltanna...

I made color variations for some of the image flips so the AI doesn't pump out the same colors (blue and gold knight with the 'knight' prompt for example)

Prompt suggestions:

  • This is trained on anythingV3_fp16 so you'll want to use Danbooru tags in your prompts. Some of the regularly used tags are:
    1boy, 1girl, blonde hair, orange hair, light brown hair, braid, ponytail, cowlick, armor, black armor, gold armor, helmet, winged helmet, couter, cuisses, poleyn, greaves, sabaton, gauntets, pauldrons, shoulder armor, hat, bonnet, apron, unitard, leotard, knight, witch, wizard, ninja, samurai, robe, dress, pleated dress, coat, shirt, hakama pants, hooded sweater, tunic, thigh boots, gloves, cape, buckle, ribbon, hair ribbon, sash, loose belt, bow, jewelry, bracelets, scowl, looking to the side, arms at sides, clenched hand, clenched hands, legs apart, holding sword, holding katana, holding cane, bare legs, bare shoulders, cleavage, abs, bald, old man, beard

  • I also manipulated some of the female designs to have exposed breasts so try the following:
    breasts, breasts out, nipples, nude, stomach

  • Use the following tags to determine the type of shot (you'll probably have the best luck with upper body):
    portrait, profile, upper body, full body

Other details:

  • Suggested LORA weight is 0.8

  • The majority of the training data images are 512x768 but some of the portraits were sized to 512x512.

  • Almost all of the training data uses a white background but I may do a version in the future that features job illustrations with backgrounds.

  • You get some amazing line art details with hires fix x1.5-x2 but the hands often look wrong at higher denoising strength.

  • Sorta works with non-Danbooru style models; try deliberate_v2.

  • I've found that it works really well with UnicornMixes-Mix3 with 640x1152 dimensions.

  • Usually faces will generate without noses (matching the FFT style) but if you get the tiny dot nose, try adding the 'no nose' tag to the prompt.