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Accepting Lora Requests

Accepting Lora Requests

UPDATE - Requests Closed


I've been told that my Loras aren't good enough, so I am closing requests while I reflect on my process.

To be fair I've been making characters with less than 20 images. For some the characters I had to make half of the art for the dataset.

While I think I deserve a bit of mercy for making Loras from almost nothing I don't want that to be an excuse.

I'm not looking for pity or crying to get attention. If anything I'd like some tips/tricks on how to be better lol.

I agree that my Loras can be better and I want to improve so I am taking time to reflect.

Thank you if you submitted a request for a Lora.

I will continue to work through the requests but I am taking my time now as I try to figure out how to make Loras better than before.

I really appreciate all the requests and its was fun to see how many I could make in a quickly. My first Lora was uploaded about 2 months ago and I have 168 uploads right now so that's almost 3 Loras per day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Content below this line is old

It is included for archival purposes and if I reopen requests.

I'm going to start taking Lora Character creation requests!

Feel free to submit as many characters requests as you want

My service is free so there is no guarantee I'll make your request but it won't hurt to ask.

Full transparency: I am just following a customized version of this guide