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Male Model Masterlist - Main Page

Male Model Masterlist - Main Page

Male Model Masterlist - Main Page

𝘣𝘺 𝘥𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘥𝘶𝘥𝘦𝘴


First of all, hate or disrespect of any kind won't be tolerated here. If you aren't interested in the content here, you can very easily close this tab and move on! Second, this resource list is for 18+ only, if you are under 18 please exit. All of the actors, characters, and other people depicted in the below resources are 18 or older as far as I can tell based on quick research.

There's so many waifus on Civit it's easy for the husbandos to get drowned out. This is an attempt to balance the scales!

I have been building this list over the last year as more and more content has been posted to Civit, originally for myself, but now, for you! I have tested a good amount of this list myself, but I cannot guarantee the quality of everything listed. I also lean on other male-centric creators and testers, reviews, and consistency from authors to determine what goes in this list. The majority of the content here is male-centric, but I will include hetero, femboy/futa/trap, and furry content if it reasonably works well with men.

I cannot promise how frequently I will update this, but please leave a comment if you think I’ve missed something. 

Please also make sure to scroll to the bottom of this article for a list of creator support links! If you are a creator, please hit me up with your donation links if they aren’t here.

(My own personal models are starred, please check them out and also visit my links for exclusive and early access to many more! If you have additional resources outside of Civit you want me to include in this list, please let me know.)


  • Thank you list/external links for donations for major creators on this list


08/31/23 - Added list

09/03/23 - Added list

09/11/23 - Added list

10/18/23 - Added list

12/18/23 - Added list + I have completely overhauled this list! It is now 4 lists, and I have folded in 500+ new assets.

How To Use This Guide + Helpful Hints:

  • The majority of this list will be 1.5 resources. Resources for SDXL are now also folded in, please note the version as you view them yourself. I will no longer be separating them as we move toward 1.5 + XL harmony!

  • This list was simply too long to navigate without breaking it in to multiple lists. There will, for now, be four separate lists. They are listed below. I still recommend using the side nav and Ctrl+F if you have something you particularly want to search for.

  • That being said, I will, moving into 2024, be updating Anime and Fictional Characters, especially video games, significantly less. These categories are pretty covered honestly. If you want something and it’s not on this list, search for it or request from a creator below.

  • If you find anything dead in this list, a comment would be appreciated as I can't manually check everything.

  • Model makers! PLEASE tag all of your models with "man", "men", and "male" for ease of location. A lot of people don't use the tags, which is one of the reasons I made this list.

(Click for separate lists)

Anime + Manga (+ Yaoi, Bara, Manhwa)

Fictional Characters + Video Games

Real People

(Also contains actors in specific roles from fictional characters/live action)


Male-Centric Checkpoints

Checkpoints are base models for Stable Diffusion. These are notable for either being trained on male datasets, or merges of existing male models to enhance male features. Please note, many base models that aren’t specifically for men can also produce men, but may not be flexible or trained on…ahem…the family jewels. These all behave a little bit differently, and each will need its own experimenting. I’ve tested about 90% of these. Not all of them will produce accurate genitals, even with that all being said.

(Civit Collection version)






Synthetic/Generic People

These are original creations, typically synthesized from SD itself. These provide a unique advantage in maintaining physical features beyond just prompts. A lot of these also fill in gaps that the base model struggles with when it comes to diversity. (I was describing these but won’t be moving forward. Click and browse them if you’re curious, sorry!)


Most of these resources are intended for more explicit things, so be prepared.

Artistic Styles

I don’t always love the idea of using the styles of working artists, especially in the queer space. That being said, if you do play with these, just be respectful about your use. And support the artists themselves.



Gender Appearance

General Appearance


Please note, most of the models I’ve listed are capable of producing semi-decent genitalia. If you’re using a female-heavy model, adding these in can improve them significantly, or at very low weight on pretrained base models they can enhance features. I always recommend starting with BetterCocks 1 personally.


XXX Details

Creator Support