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What's new this week with Civitai 8/4/2023


What's new this week with Civitai

- New Homepage: You may have noticed a new landing page for Civit. The new homepage is totally customizable by you! Check out how here:

- Collections: Continuing the collections update your collections are now visible on your profile page. Better yet you can follow these collections or have people follow yours, so you can personally currate models for others! Heres a brief walkthrough:

- Merch: We've thrown together a small swag store if you're weird enough to want a Civitai bikini:

- SDXL Training Contest: We kicked this off last week and already have 556 resources uploaded based on SDXL 1.0! To give more time for people to figure out how best to train on SDXL we've extended the duration till Aug 31st! Some of our fav resources so far:

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Fun Stats

3,686 New resources

12.3M Downloads (14.7PB of downloads)

9.8k New reviews

10.3k New comments

18.7k New posts

80 New articles

317 New creators

94.1k New images

265.3k New image reactions