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Thank you! 1 Million milestone!


Thank you for 1 million downloads!

Update: just launched my Patreon! I have opened free trials on Patreon. Get free access for a limited time!

Thank you all for contributing to this milestone of 1 million downloads of my 140 uploads, thanks to all +8k followers and for the 2k reviews! And thanks for getting me up to the top of many of the leaderboards. It has been great being part of this community.

I’ve been hooked ever since I started using SD nearly a year ago, but I never thought that my poor initial attempts at training Dreambooth models back in November would lead to these results. When I joined Civitai back in December I was amazed by the creativity and diversity of base models, TIs and LoRAs and spent a lot of time playing with those. I looked up to many creators, and their works inspired mine, and I also learned from a few.

When I started it seemed impossible to compete with the quality of work of other creators, let alone making into a leaderboard. A few months later, after countless hours of reading papers, posts, discussing with other creators, and spending ungodly amounts of time tweaking and testing models, I finally reached this new milestone. But I know I’m still very new to this and my knowledge still lags behind many other great creators. I know I still have much to learn.

I appreciate the help and inspiration from other creators, all the feedback and motivation from this community, all the hard work from Civitai’s team, and I look forward to keep creating and sharing content. Your feedback and engagement is my main source of motivation.

I’m always open to respond to any questions about my creations, and all my files include the metadata necessary for others to learn from, and hopefully take it further and do even better things! :)

(fun fact: as I’m a bit of a perfectionist, the models I post are probably less than 10% of what I actually train!)

What’s next?

As some of you have requested for a way to support my work, and because of the interest in other models that I haven’t posted on Civitai and on training tutorials, I thought it would be good to start a Patreon.

There you’d be able to stay updated on my work, AI images and upcoming models, vote for next models, get early access to public releases, get access to unreleased/prototype models, and also get access to exclusive models. You’d also be able to access tutorials, ask questions, and learn (especially from my mistakes)!

Nevertheless, I will keep posting here on Civitai. And you can still keep showing your support simply by rating and reviewing my content, and by posting your images.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my next update!

Again, thank you all for the kindness and support.