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ENDED - SDXL Training and Image contest winners!

ENDED - SDXL Training and Image contest winners!

This Contest has now ended!

🏆 Civitai Contest Winners Announcement 🏆

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our SDXL contests that have been running all month. After rigorous internal polls and following the rules stated in our articles, we have arrived at our final winners. A big congratulations to all our participants and a special shoutout to our winners!

For more details on the rules, refer to the following articles:

To do the final judging, we took all the resources that qualified under the rules. Because the criteria for entry (especially for models) was difficult to achieve, we added some additional resources that we liked personally to flesh out the options, and ran internal polls with our team (results linked below) where we anonymously voted on our favorite resources and images. In the event of a tie we revoted.

🎁 Prizes 🎁

  • First Place: RTX 4090 GPU ($1799 MSRP)

  • Second Place: 16TB External HD ($279 MSRP)

  • Third Place: 2TB NVMe SSD ($159 MSRP)

  • Fourth Place: $50 Steam Gift Card ($50 MSRP)

  • Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Places: 6 months of Civitai Supporter tier ($30 Value)

🌟 Winners 🌟

Character LoRA:

  1. Cortana [Halo] LoRA XL by Hevok

  2. Robocop by HanJammer

  3. Pikachu SDXL by TheLastBen

  4. RPGGhostXL by ashrpg

  5. Bowser by TouchNight

  6. XL Stormtrooper - by HailoKnight by HailoKnight

  7. Jote - Final Fantasy XVI by Monobot


  1. Voxel XL by fictiverse

  2. Pixel Art XL by NeriJS

  3. Logo.Redmond - Logo Lora for SD XL 1.0 by artificialguybr

  4. PS1 Graphics SDXL by veryVANYA

  5. Cyborg Style SDXL | Goofy Ai by Goofy_Ai

  6. Junji Ito Style {SDXL Now Supported} by daemonrat

  7. InkPunk XL by Neural

Base Model:

  1. Crystal Clear XL by WarAnakin

  2. DucHaiten-AIart-SDXL by DucHaiten

  3. CounterfeitXL by rqdwdw

  4. Juggernaut XL by KandooAI

  5. Anime Changeful XL by L_A_X

  6. RunDiffusion XL by RunDiffusion

  7. Animagine XL by Linaqruf


  1. AIGeisha

  2. Bra2ha

  3. Owler

  4. fox23vang226

  5. TBBT

  6. nymical

  7. GenkaiCat

Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated! We’ll be reaching out to winners next week to get your prizes to you 👍