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Hugging Face Index for the Unapproved Models

Hugging Face Index for the Unapproved Models

Thanks to Civitai's bewildering and frustrating TOS, some models just can't seem to make it through the review process.

What We've Observed

Let me briefly share some insights based on my experience of publishing hundreds of models and thousands of images, so that other users can consider how to navigate this:

  • Firstly, characters with Asian features are more likely to be flagged as minors, perhaps due to facial structure and Asian aesthetic preferences (isn't this a form of racial bias?)

  • Secondly, characters with a larger head-to-body ratio, regardless of their actual age, are often categorized as minors

  • Moreover, even if a character appears to be an adult, if you look up the character's age in the wiki and it's 17.999999999 or lower, they're also categorized as minors

In essence, for any character, if there's even a slight association with minors from any perspective, Civitai perceives them as such.

For characters flagged as minors:

  • Obviously, NSFW images won't get approved (which is understandable and I don't oppose this)

  • Skin exposure in certain areas like the abdomen, thighs, chest, collarbone, and sometimes even arms and neck is not allowed

  • Certain elements on the image are prohibited, like heart symbols

In conclusion, it seems Civitai wants images of characters they deem minors to look like the two guys below (image source: Counter-Strike - Wikipedia).

That's about the situation. Honestly, I think Civitai is a great platform, and I like it a lot. However, this TOS is very puzzling, and it's rare to see any other website enforce such stringent rules. If it's due to the policies or laws of the website's location, then many other websites should follow suit. Perhaps the website owner has a particular obsession with minors? I don't know, judge for yourselves.

Models Unable to Pass Review

Rant aside, let's share something useful. Some of our models, no matter how we modify them, just can't meet the website's TOS. Luckily, our models have complete versions on Hugging Face, including models at different steps and preview images, with a recommended best step based on training quality. Therefore, for any models that can't pass Civitai's approval process in the future, we'll release them here. This section will be continually updated, so stay tuned: