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Consistent Characters - Alter/OC & This Person Does Not Exist LoRa/Lyco & Packs [Realistic]


Alter/OC (This Person Does Not Exist) LoRas

A resource guide for people needing accommodation OR for people just looking for consistent character/nobody style loras.


I will not be including "style" loras or checkpoints. In this instance "OC" will sort of classify the "ALTER/headmate" or "Original but not real persons".

Disclaimer: LORAS don't have to be "Accommodating" or for Alter reasons, it's not just for a mental health reason - if you need consistent characters that's what this list is also for.

Categories Structure

FOR NOW, it's just going to be SD 1.5 and SDXL, if you have any category restructuring ideas for this list please list them in the comments below. Because this isn't going to just be about our content, and we'll be seeking our other types of content similar, we don't want to focus on the family lines or delve into specifics.

Embeddings will be added soon from here:

But somehow civit ate my changes , and i had a list started.

There's more Loras, if you have a NO PERSON semi realistic (3D) or otherwise just hand it over in the comments!

SDXL Loras:

Aliya II

Criss X'voor:

Jenni Green by @Ainow

Kitch X'voor:

(Criss) Matoya'iivi:

Maverick (Mason Ennis) Ellis Rowe:

Mica X'voor's one isn't on civit because i forgot to upload it but it goes RIGHT HERE.

Mikay Paige (this woman does not exist)

Misuo Fujiwara:

Roi'adan V'anzey:

SDXL Jenny

Simon Petrikov



Aeron X'voor:

April Doe @Faeia

Carmen Doe @Faeia

Charlie Pe'kova

Criss X'voor (CHRIS):

djz Shogun Nobody

EdobArianTanaka (Not a Real Person)

Elena Noexiste

Jamie Reid Ellis-Finn X'voor:

Kitch X'voor:

Liam David Kilkenny:

Luis (Nobody)

(Criss) Matoya'iivi:

Maverick (Mason Ennis) Ellis Rowe:

Mica X'voor (Michael Renne X'voor)

Misuo Fujiwara:

Parvin Bhabhi

Phoenix Montoya:

Roi'adan V'anzey:

Skin & Hands (male/female) from Polyhedron

(They have other ones like this: )

Simone Doe

Simon Petrikov

Srabonti Bhabhi

Steel X'voor

Tahmina Bhabhi

Tori X'voor

Xander Ellis:


Duskfall Alters (Frmr Virtual Worlds)

Visual 3D


Assorted Female Nobodies

Fashionable & Poses:

No-one..... Read description (4.6-9mb LoRAs)

Nobodies (Female)

Easy Male Portrait:

Hot Boys:

Seven Eleven:

This Alter Does Not Exist:


Virtual Worlds

(Alters, as it was trained on MOSTLY system data):

Not SURE if does realism:

Cameron X'voor