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What's New This Week With Civitai 10/27/23

What's New This Week With Civitai 10/27/23

Sorry for the lack of announcement last week, honest to god just forgot with everything going on.


What’s new this week with Civitai

  • Image view counts: Images now show the number of unique people that have viewed them

  • Sort Models by Images: You can now sort models by the number of images in their galleries

  • Additional Buzz rewards: Now you can also earn buzz by:

    • Reporting things that end up getting removed by moderators

    • Earn Buzz for Following a new user each Day

  • Reschedule publishing: If you’ve scheduled a resource to post at a certain time you can now reschedule it

  • Verified downloads: You can now require that a user needs to be logged in to download your model, this is aimed at letting creators fight bot downloads (if they want)

  • Sharing NSFW Collections: You can now share links to collection that contain NSFW content with non-logged in people, they’ll just have to acknowledge that the collection contains mature content.

  • Edit Bounty amounts: Bounty Creators can now increase the amount of buzz on an active bounty to drum up more interest

  • Stuck in on-boarding: If you’re one of the unfortunate souls that get stuck in on boarding you can now back out and manually reset, this should fix the issue for most people

  • Collection search: You can now search public collections in the search bar

  • Style Capture & Fusion Contest: Little weird including this here because I just announced it, but it happened this week so its getting included. Read all about it here, Make cool stuff. Win a 4090

  • Bunch of bug fixes:

    • We resolved an issue were people weren’t being refunded if the model training process failed at some point

    • Expired bounties now show up when you filter for them

    • Fixed model card redirection issues

    • New shiny nameplate when a bounty entry is awarded

    • New active bounties section in looking at My Bounties

    • Images metadata now available for bounties

Community Spotlight

The duality of being awesome
Lots of good muppet LoRA’s but this is my current favorite
Sweeping synth arpeggios engage
Fool your doctor, confuse your mechanic
Make up the future
hit everything before you open it
Tis’ the season

Fun Stats

3347 New resources
8.5M Downloads (12PB of downloads)
12K New reviews
9K New comment
24K New posts
93 New articles
278 New creators
124K New images
377K New image reactions
6K New Collections
128K Items added to Collections