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Guide and Links to Touhou Loras

So I was wondering why I haven't seen a LOT of Touhou characters, especially since they have a massive fanbase for over a decade , well its because they are scattered all over Citvai. So no single girlpack but a lot of links to a lot of girls by a lot of different creators. As expected since many are posted months ago, they are NOT tagged as such on citvai (yet) gotta dig!

Luckily I'm gonna help out!!

Alphabetical Character List and Links

Top Lora Makers!! MANY MANY 6 of them 6 of them 4 of them 4 of them 4 of them 4 of them 3 of them 3 of them 2 of them 2 of them 2 of them 2 of them 1 model 1 model

Cookie☆ is a series of memes and internet subculture that was born out of a failed Touhou voice drama. The name is the shorthand for Marisa and Alice’s Cookie Kiss, the original voice drama (referred as Cookie☆OG in the wiki, as Cookie☆ is used as the name for the entire subculture). It is a collaborated fan work of the Touhou Project game franchise, organised and uploaded by Niconico user Hazuna Rio. Due to its terrible quality, frequently switching art styles, and the poor skills of the voice actors, the drama became a meme on the Japanese internet, and thereby developed into a web subculture. TLDR Another way to link drawn Touhou characters....

Links to Touhou Cookie on Citvai. Many other touhou characters linked here.

Here's places to check ^^^