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Workflows for Colossus_Project_XL_V5.3

Workflows for Colossus_Project_XL_V5.3

Workflows for Colossus_Project_XL_V5.3

The model can be downloaded here:


These workflow needs the latest version of Comfy UI! Update your Comfy UI first!

I highly recommend also to install the Comfy Manager before because this workflow needs costom nodes. Here is the link.

There are three versions of this workflow..


If your workflow runs slowly try to disable the preview of the efficent samplers.

Thanks to speach1sdef178 for solving this issue.

Fast version

This is the newest version for Colossus Project XL 5.3

This workflow uses low steps but you can get some good results with it.. You can set the last stage to DPM SDE to get a more clear picture but this can result sometimes to more "plastic" faces.

You can go even lower on steps as you can see here.. This takes some advantage of the lcm part of the model.

Slow versions

These versions are better for portraits sometimes..

New layout version "Portrait" (Showcase cover picture)

works very good with portraits

Old layout version with advanced ksampler

old but still good

TXT to Video Animator

This workflow requires the SVD_image_decoder model:

Its quite an early version. its fun to play with it though.