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Colossus Project XL (SFW&NSFW)

Checkpoint Merge
Nov 25, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Afroman4peace's Avatar
Joined Nov 28, 2023

A Colossus arise.. again..

Deep under a mountain lives a sleeping giant, capable to eighter help humanity or create destruction...

This SD 1.0XL-Checkpoint is capable to produce nearly everything.. Colossus is very good creating extremly realistic pictures, anime and art.

This is a merge of my best models I have created so far. Its heavily based on Hephaistos V3.31 and The Talos Project (This is a project I have created with freek22). Then I added parts of my Asmodeus 3.0 model (which isn't released yet). To improve some skin textures I added a small percentage of the Realistic Stock Photo model and Newdawn XL..

Version 5.3_Trained

This version is another nearly fully trained model. In addition it combines parts of my Hephaistos_LCM_hybrid model and Gleipnir by freek22

The result is a model capable to do very low steps while giving the possibility to gain even more details on more steps. I have added a small steps/cfg scale to the showcase. It uses DPM++ SDE from a range from 5 steps to 60 steps and a cfg range from 1 to 20 cfg. It works well with A1111/Comfy/Foocus (just turn off all styles and Loras) I highly recommend to use a -2 Clip skip with this version.

A first workflow for comfy can be found here:

Version 4.9b Experimental_Trained

This a fully experimental model. I trained it over several weeks on base of the 1.6 Version of Colossus Project XL. Then I added parts of Version 4.9. Try it and leave a review if you like. Which version do you prefer?

Version 4.9:

This one took a long time. For this I trained even a complete new model (It will bepublic soon) I have merged in. Goal of it was to get it more stable and also added more details.

This model changes a lot.

Version 2.02 is still very good, so consider to download both and decide yourself which model you prefer...

Might discuss this even in the comments :-)

Version 2.02:

I merged in more parts from the Realistic Stock Photo Model. (about 35 percent). This increased the quality of the skin textures. Version 1.6 is still extremely good so I advise to try both versions.

Give me some feedback in form of a small review or just post some pictures in the gallery when you are pleased with the results. Also if you want to support me you can gift me a beer here :-)

Special thanks to freek22 who helped me creating this. I highly recommend his new checkpoint FenrisXL. Check out his amazing work. Also thanks PromptSharingSamaritan for letting me merge in your amazing model into Version 2.02. It really increases the skin quality a lot compared with Version 1.6.

Disclaimer and warning:

This checkpoint is fully uncensored. Only your imagination is the limit. Beware of this.. It's not intented to create just porn but it can be very horny. I would advice to consider this and maybe add NSFW in negative prompts... Don't use this to harm others... Please use this responsible! You are fully responsible for your actions!

And most important:

Don't use this to create CP! If I see such pictures here in the gallery I will flag it and you might get banned from here..

Useful tricks:

  1. Don't use the refiner! It seems to causes only bad results.

  2. Don't use the DPM++ 2M Sampler; I recommend SDE samplers in general.. Tested it with DPM++ SDE Karras and it works on a wirde range.

  3. On standard this model trys to create photos. So there is no prompt needed for this but it can enhance the results. play with different cameras and settings. Also if you want to create art/anime/drawings use negative prompts like realism, photo, 3D...

  4. You (almost) don't need negative prompts. I mostly use the prompt "boring". To handle the skimpy behaviour of this model try to use words like tits, nude, NSFW in the negative. Sometimes especially for creatures like cats or mythical creatures add woman to the negative prompt.

  5. I mostly use the DPM (2M) SDE Karras for my prompts at around 10-70+ steps with a cfg from 5-10

    Feel free to experiment here.

  6. Colossus XL can handle resolutions up to 1200x1200 very well. You can go above but it can increase your failure rate

  7. To upscale your results you can just use img to img. use around 0.2-0.3 denoise. (this can vary depending on the prompt) feel free to experiment with it.

  8. This is a workflow for Comfy UI I know its for Asmodeus but I will optimise it for Colossus soon.

  9. Have fun

Here is the full credit list of things I used for this model including the resources I used for my other models which are merged into Colossus XL. Thanks for all your work. Please check ou their work and give them a like/review.

Gleipnir by freek22

Realistic Stock Photo by PromptSharingSamaritan

NewdawnXL by freek22

Those resources I used to create Hephaistos, Talos and Asmodeus:

FenrisXL by freek22

SDVN6-RealArtXL by StableDiffusionVN

first_nsfw_for_sdxl_v1 by sevenof9247

Perfect Eyes XL by Deizor

Finenude by finenude

Hella Babes, a SDXL LoRA for better nudity by vfx_ai

Film Like XL by getjinxed