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Hi guys!

This is my first contribution, this is the main workflow i use for almost everything, this is a tweaked version of Inner_reflections workflow that you can find in this guide created by Inner. Im really grateful for what Inner has done for this community.

This is a pretty easy workflow to understand and work with, some people say this is not for beginners but the reality is that it actually is, it might look difficult but its a pretty simple workflow. I also added some notes along the workflow to understand some little stuff in case you need it.

I hope this work for you and ill be more than happy to see what you get with this.

-Lora Stack, to be able to add as many loras as you want without creating new nodes

IPAdapter video reference (IPA Unfold) and keyframe to increase coherence and stability ( it has notes for instructions)

-4 Ipadaper images to use as a Pseudo Lora or reference style, use or bypass whatever you feel you need.

-4 Controlnets in case you want to experiment between different formulas. Use or bypass whatever you feel you need. In this workflow using only Depth can be enough depending on the video, but now you have more options to play with.

I dont use Upscale nodes so i didnt add one, i prefer to use Topaz after the render is done.

If you want to see more examples you can visit my IG account

these ones were made with this workflow:

This is my main WF to make my Anime style, you can use it for morphing too but im more into coherence and "real" stuff.
feel free to send a DM if you have any question.