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Sleipnir (SDXL Turbo Hybrid) "Instant Generation" workflow

Sleipnir (SDXL Turbo Hybrid) "Instant Generation" workflow

Hi i have made for my Model Sleipnir an "Instant" Workflow you can write your prompt live with just a small delay or choose another seed for example when you Results is done just use the Upscale and Refiner option.

First to get all nodes I recommend using the ComfyUI-Manager with the Option install missing Custom Nodes.

How to use:


Select Extra Options/ Auto Queue

Step2: Write your prompt


Execute Queue Prompt make sure you have both switches off (fast bypasser) and also make sure that save image is also in bypass mode!

nor you can play with all settings with just a slight latence ( depends on your Potato PC ;-))

after you have found your fav picture :

Step4: Disable Auto Queue and switch both switches on (fast bypasser) also activate the save image node ;-)

Step5: Execute Queue Prompt and your image is saved in a enhanced and upscaled version in the comfy ui output folder.

Note: like all comfy workflows you can customise it to your needs this is only the basic setup and only your imagination is the limit please share your thoughts or maybe your own optimised workflow here it's nice to get feedback .

also please share this workflow and don't forget give a like and 😉⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐