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Founder's New Year Message

Founder's New Year Message

Hey Everyone!

Hope you had a fantastic holiday season. A big shout-out to everyone who joined in our Holiday event – your creative flair truly brought the festive spirit to Civitai, and your contributions to a cause close to my heart were incredibly meaningful.

As we step into 2024, I’ve been dreaming about Civitai’s future alongside the team. We’ve got some exciting plans brewing, but I’m not one to spill the beans too early. So, here’s a mix of what we’re realistically working on and some pie-in-the-sky dreams – feel free to guess which is which!

  • Make On-site Generation Great! From upscaling to controlnet, we want to enhance our on-site generator to cater to both AI newbies and seasoned pros. Imagine a tool that adapts to your level of expertise, making the creation process seamless and fun.

  • Evolve the Community Platform Last January, we were 100k strong. Now, we’re a whopping 3 million! It’s clear we need to evolve into a home for diverse communities. Think of Civitai as a platform for multiple AI-focused groups, each with its own unique vibe.

  • Blur the Lines Between Consumption and Production We aim to make content creation as effortless as scrolling through social media. Our goal? To optimize knowledge sharing within Civitai, making it a breeze for anyone to craft something truly unique.

  • Sustainability Goals Last year, thanks to Andreessen Horowitz’s seed funding, we grew our team and ambitions. This year, we’re brainstorming sustainable ways to keep fueling our dreams – and we’re eager to hear your thoughts on this.

Here’s to an amazing 2024! 🥳🥂 Thank you for being the heartbeat of Civitai. Your innovation, passion, and creativity are what make this community extraordinary. Let’s keep pushing boundaries, sharing knowledge, and working hard to turn our dreams into reality.

Remember, the best achievements come from consistent effort and a solid plan. We’re committed to this journey and hope you’ll join us every step of the way!