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My Files For Free To Upscale - By DICE

My Files For Free To Upscale - By DICE

My Files For Free To Upscale - By DICE

Hi Guys I get asked a lot about how My images are so sharp after I've completed stage 1 Generation.

So thought I would create this article to send people over to and use my free custom built upscale files.


If you want to use my motion module in Animate Diff , your welcome to download it from Civitai. You will see the simple instructions and download here:

For my latest Checkpoint release see my other article :

Also if you want all the free downloads and links for the most popular Ai tools as of today .... See my other article on here

You should see 6 different zip files in the box to the right named Attachments.. << Good for users with decent GPU << Good for users with low VRam

They range from just a lite dusting of upscale to a 4x times upscale with amazing clarity.

Feel free to use them they inclued the .param and the .bin

I'm sure you all know what to do with these files now... But for anyone new to this i'll explain.

....... Download the zip file to PC file explorer .......

  1. Extract the contents of zip folder to new folder.

  2. Copy or move the extracted files to your chosen Upscaler. Normally you will find your add-ons in your upscaler or Automatic 1111 etc,, under the folder named MODELS.

  3. Once added open your upscaler or Auto 1111 and refresh your page then you will see the title in the drop down box. Select your chosen one.

And your away ..... ENJOY

Any questions just ask here or message me ...

Below is a video to watch if your having any issues with adding the zip files to Auto 1111. Just add them to this app instead. Its a free alternative and works perfectly for users with or without any WebUi, as it runs seperatly and open source.


I Have made a mini movie from all free ai tools. Unfortunatly as i produced it in 4k resolution it was to large to upload to Civitai.. So i just loaded it to my youtube. It's turned really well considering it cost nothing to create. Was upscaled using my ( << Good for users with decent GPU).

Take a look and see what you think...

To watch these in 4K press play and then tap the cog in the video and chose 4K

This video is Pretty much as far as i can push Stable Diffusion at present . But every day it grows better and faster ..... Bring it on I say.......

The Example photos here was using my......


Before and After.......

Full After......

Few simple examples.....