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Inpaint SDXL for the manipulation of your images

Inpaint SDXL for the manipulation of your images

Inpaint for Automatic1111

in DEV-Branch its already implemented

So all you need to do is download some Inpaint(SDXL) models or you can create them yourself locally

for master-Branch(default)

read this

load the model

go to tab "img2img"

you have now a view options, i only describe one tab "inpaint"

  1. put any image there (below 1024pix or you have much Vram)

  2. press below "auto detect size" (extention: sd-webui-aspect-ratio-helper)

  3. draw a maske (you can resize the pencle or reset)

  4. write a prompt, what you want to see in that mask

  5. now you have several options

a) Masked content

  1. fill and latent nothing: best suited for large changes with high denoising strength (>0.8)

  2. original and latent noise: for minor changes with Denoising (0.4 up to 0.9)

b) Inpaint area

  1. Whole picture: take more the weight from the whole image

  2. Only masked: take more weight of your prompt

sampling steps ~40, Mask blur 4-8,

now have fun to play with it ;)


its a stand alone image generation gui like Automatik1111, not such as complex!

but it has a nice inpaint option (press advanced)

also a better outpainting than A1111

and faster

and less VRAM - you can outpaint 4000px easy with 12GB !!!

and you can use any model you have

have fun ;)