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Gertan's Overwatch LoRA's Collection

Gertan's Overwatch LoRA's Collection

Hey there, I've been making and releasing Overwatch LoRA's for a while, determined to cover the majority of OW characters, including ones that don't get much love.

The main focus was on capturing authentic faces and outfits, while also making my LoRA's flexible, be it an ability to change outfits\hair without much problem, and compatibility with a range of different checkpoints, as well as not conflicting when used with style LoRA's.

I am in process of slowly upgrading front images, since I wasn't able to use highres.fix before. Hopefully you guys will like them!

1. Sombra - LoRA Page

2. Pharah - LoRA Page

3. Widowmaker - LoRA Page

4. McCree\Cassidy - LoRA Page

5. D.VA - LoRA Page

6. Mei - LoRA Page

7. Symmetra - LoRA Page

8. Reinhardt - LoRA Page

9. Moira - LoRA Page

10. Mercy - LoRA Page

11. Tracer - LoRA Page

12. Reaper - LoRA Page

13. Briggite - LoRA Page

14. Ashe - LoRA Page

15. Soldier 76 - LoRA Page

16. Ana - LoRA Page

17. Genji - LoRA Page

Update 24.06: Added Genji.