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Gears of War Model List

Oh, hi. I create this article to list all of Gears of War character LoRA that been existed in CivitAI. I made this because is to compile everything so we can manage the model easily. Because of nature of the list, the list will be updated as soon as new LoRA popped out. Feel free to comment if you found or made Gears of War related models down in comment section.


From left to right: Benjamin Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Anthony Carmine

Marcus Fenix:

Dominic Santiago:

Damon Baird:

Augustus Cole:

Clayton Carmine:

JD Fenix:

Fahz Chutani:

Benjamin Carmine:

Anthony Carmine:

Anya Stroud:

Locust Grenadier:

Kait Diaz:


This list weren't related to the character LoRA. But it still related to Gears of War like COG armor, Lancer, Gnasher, etc.

COG Armor Clothing: