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Whats new the is week with Civitai - 6/16/2023


Onsite generation: We’re trialing a new feature in the gallery section of three different resources:
Samaritan 3d Cartoon
ReV Animated

We’ve partnered with to offer a free near-instant generation option on these resources. The idea is that creators can add preset prompts for users to explore the possibilities of the resource, this is by no means meant to replace generating locally, but think of it as a way to give people an appetizer of what your resource can do. If we get good feedback we’ll expand this service to more resources.

Beginning of Community Events
This week we started trialing Office Hours on our Discord, The tentative schedule is:
Mondays: General sync with Civitai staff. (I’ll be there!) 11 AM PST
Tuesdays: Resource training education session 6 PM PST
Fridays: Generation Workflow education session 6 PM PST (there is one going on today too)

Come by ask questions and interact. We’d also love to do some interviews/training with members of the community as speakers. If you have some great info to share and a burning desire to share it hit up a @Moderator.

Moderation changes:
We’ve had to get stricter with what can be shown in images of real people. If you were recently affected by a resource takedown we hope to work with you to ensure your content is compliant with ToS so we can get it back up as soon as possible. The rule going forward for images of real people/celebrities is office/school safe attire/poses/context only. Here’s a terrible video demoing some of what is and isn’t allowed going forward:

Community Spotlight: Resources - We share a lot of icon-related resources, but this one really impressed us. rad. Neat. We needed more high-quality objects.

Fun Stats
2,984 New resources
10M Downloads (11.6PB of downloads)
10k New reviews
10.6k New comments
15.9k New posts
89 New articles
281 New creators
64.1k New images
193k New image reactions