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AI Pokedex [LoRA List]

AI Pokedex [LoRA List]


A List of every pokemon creature model in the site, let me know if there is something missing from the list. (even if the model is not on the site but can be downloaded from somewhere else) also feel free to add this list to 'recommended resources' if you made a pokemon model.


"X Ver." refers to the model it was trained on. while models suchs as NAI/AnyLora/Anything can be used in most checkpoints, some trained specific models suchs as fluffyrock or furryrock are recommended to be used with those checkpoints for compatibility.

Red links are Anthro/Humanized Focused - Note that this might also apply to human-like pokemons such as gardevoir.

Green Links are Feral/Animal focused - Note that its still possible to do anthro/humans with proper prompting.

Generation 1

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5

Generation 6

Generation 7

Generation 8

Generation 9