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DreamShaper XL

Checkpoint Trained
Dec 5, 2023
Base Model
SDXL Turbo
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Joined Dec 10, 2023

DreamShaper XL - Now Turbo!

Also check out the 1.5 DreamShaper page

Check the version description below (bottom right) for more info and add a ❤️ to receive future updates.
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DreamShaper is a general purpose SD model that aims at doing everything well, photos, art, anime, manga. It's designed to go against other general purpose models and pipelines like Midjourney and DALL-E.

"It's Turbotime"

Turbo version should be used at CFG scale 2 (3-4 for styled stuff) and with around 4-7 sampling steps. This should work only with DPM++ SDE Karras (or Normal). Do NOT use LCM sampler (no need). Sampler comparison:

No need to use refiner and can be used for highres fix and tiled upscaling.

Additional gallery:

If you train on this, make sure to use DPM++ SDE sampler.

Old description referring to Alpha 2 and before

Finetuned over SDXL1.0.
Even if this is still an alpha version, I think it's already much better compared to the first alpha based on xl0.9.
For the workflows you need Math plugins for comfy (or to reimplement some parts manually).
Basically I do the first gen with DreamShaperXL, then I upscale to 2x and finally a do a img2img steo with either DreamShaperXL itself, or a 1.5 model that i find suited, such as DreamShaper7 or AbsoluteReality.

What does it do better than SDXL1.0?

  • No need for refiner. Just do highres fix (upscale+i2i)

  • Better looking people

  • Less blurry edges

  • 75% better dragons 🐉

  • Better NSFW

Old DreamShaper XL 0.9 Alpha Description

Finally got permission to share this. It's based on SDXL0.9, so it's just a training test. It definitely has room for improvement.

Workflow for this one is a bit more complicated than usual, as it's using AbsoluteReality or DreamShaper7 as "refiner" (meaning I'm generating with DreamShaperXL and then doing "highres fix" with AR or DS7).

Results are quite nice for such an early stage.

I might disable the comment section as I'm sure some people will judge this even if it's early stage. I also don't think this is on par with SD1.5 DreamShaper yet, but it's useless to pour resources into this as SDXL1.0 is about to be released.

Have fun and make sure to add a ❤️ to receive future updates.

Non commercial license is forced by Stability at the moment.