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better faces sdxl

Aug 17, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0

----> left with my lora <----- , , , -----> right without and other steps <-----

ATTANTION: i will remove all pictures that have nothing to do with my lora!

be aware of that civitai spy and track -> 21blocks with µblock and 10 with privacy badger !!!

V........... see below ..............V

try my other face expression lora, if you use it with only 0.4(without trigger) you have much more real one

so carefule, it improves and needs less steps, so play with it ...

i want real faces so no symmertrie and natural skin :)

ATTENTION -> weight correction 0.3-0.9 results with 25 steps DPM++2M SDE Karras almost the same images as without and 70 steps

Trigger is not essential but useful for the culture ! ;)

has a great impact on lower Sampling steps <30

if you use DPM++3M SDE Karras with 70 steps, you meight dont need my lora


face enhancer_v5.2 -> more useful for all models

face enhancer_v3 -> more strong in close-ups and pls register my prompts ;)

face enhancer_v2 -> much more smother and better ;)

please merge in your checkpoint, and tell me, btw i have less trained loras


multifacesv3 -> (group, crowd, many faces), it only generates more people, distant faces are still not so good ; weight (0.3-0.8)


multifacesv2 -> (trigger: "number" faces) combine with my v5.2, try and tell me ;)

And please its for the basemodel! so you can try or merge it and finde out ;)

i used also copax and juggernaut that is already not that bad at small faces so may you dont need it!


multifacesv1 -> (trigger: group, faces) combine with my v3, try and tell me ;)


-> all in all i suggest "Face Editor" or refiner for small faces !

more hints below! ->

SDXL new VAE (2023.07.26) is quite better than older ones for faces,

but try my lora and you will see often more real faces, not that blurred soft ones ;)

in faceanhancer I tried to include many cultures, 11-if i remeber^^ with old and young content, at the moment only woman


  • pls, almost no negative prompt is necessary!

see my article:

All SFW!