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Crystal Clear XL

Checkpoint Trained
Aug 4, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Steps: 385,000
Epochs: 35
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 1

from Team Crystal Clear

We bring you the latest entry from the Crystal Clear suite of models. 
A general purpose model based on the recent release of XL1.0 base.

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Crystal Clear XL

Get ready to be catapulted in a world of your own creation where the only limit is your imagination, creativity and prompt skills.
Be it photorealism, 3D, semi-realistic or cartoonish, Crystal Clear XL will have no problem getting you there with ease through its use of simple prompts and highly detailed image generation capabilities.


-higher prompt accuracy relating to camera angles (close up, long shot) 
-updates to skin texture (tones and colors)
-improved eye correction adjustments   
-studio quality and detail for realistic images   
-clarity and sharpness enhancements 
-better color accuracy and vibrance
-better overall scene to light accuracy (global lighting)  
-reduction of overall blur filter that was present in many generations 

This model is free for personal use. For commercial use read below.
If you are to use this model in your merges please give us a much deserved holla.
Our goal was to reward the stable diffusion community, thus we created a model specifically designed to be a base model for future SDXL community creations.
It was created with the purpose of providing a very accurate learning base, thus it has a high compatibility with loras, hypernetworks and textual inversion content.
We do not want to start flagging our content in order to find out if it's being used without our permission, so please, be a team player and let us know.

About Team Crystal Clear

We might not necessarily be known for the amount of content made public on Civitai, but we are known in the industry since we focus on commercial development of Stable Diffusion content for game developers, automakers, instagram influencers and models, stable diffusion platform providers, freelancers and other private and public companies. 
Such content is considered confidential and it is at our client's discretion if they want to release it or not.

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We have a team of highly skilled people with access to some of the latest hardware.
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