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SDVN-Colab - SD All in one Tools

Updated: Sep 5, 2023
Aug 5, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0


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📁 Original link :

Info : This is a colab file that I wrote specifically. I think you will not find a clean and complete version of all the tools in one like this. Please download and try it out, it's great for those who use colab


#Update 1.8.22

📢 Update the list of Versions:

Remove 2 versions: SDXL, Foocus (Because no longer needed)
Added new version: A-1.52 (Similar to automatic version 1.52)
Update A1111-update from 1.52 to 1.6 : Official version supports SDXL support, more optimal use, less expensive Ram- Vram, friendly use colab free
📢 Update Controlnet : Add to list controlnet XL controlnets, controlnet-lora for SDXL, controlnet XL available on both A1111 and ComfyUI

📢 Removed the use of lyco folder for lycoris files: Since version 1.5, lycoris has been supported on A1111, use it like lora and don't need the information extension anymore, anyone who uses version A1.3 and A1.42 please don't use lycoris or install the extension yourself

📢 Update the list of models in the available library, add a list of popular SDXL models

📢 Shrinking of card styles and wildcards (You can choose to update settings to update card styles)


🔔 Version : ComfyUI

  • Works with options - Controlnet , Prune , Checkpoint library

  • Synchronize all data with in SD-Data folder like other Automatic versions

  • Can run SDXL in colab free

  • Works with all normal syntax and Dynamic Prompt syntax like Automatic 1111

  • Comes pre-installed with Wildcard SDVN

  • Pre-installed all basic + advanced Notes (Hiresfix, Detailer, GPT, Dynamic Prompt ...)

  • Automatically save output at drive ( Export/ComfyUI )

  • Basic usage: Run with Version ComfyUI, select Prune if you want to download less controlnet, choose checkpoint at the library if you want to download more, Model SDVN3 is installed by default, click on the cloudflare link at the beginning of part 2 to use.

🔔 Version : Kohya (Kohya_ss GUI Trainer)

  • Works with Checkpoint library

  • The features work normally, the caption running part may appear error, the lora SDXL training part requires the use of GPU A100

🔔 Version : SDXL

  • Optimized for maximum performance to run SDXL with colab free

  • Only works with checkpoint library

  • Automatically load specific settings that are best optimized for SDXL

  • Auto Load SDXL 1.0

  • If you want to use more checkpoints: Download more to the drive or paste the link / select in the library section

  • Pre-installed compatible extensions: Dynamic prompt / After Detailer / Style by SDXL

🔔 Versions A-1.3 and A-1.41 :

  • Works with all options

🔔 A1111-Update versions:

  • This is the default selected version

  • Can run SDXL and SD 1.5 (Requires colab prom to run SDXL), when you want to run SDXL with A-update, it is recommended to check SDXLMode at the beginning of part 2 to run SDXL's own settings. If SDXLMode is not selected, be sure to change Vae to auto when running SDXL.

  • When choosing this version: Commonly used Lycos like Lora, Lora block weights use different syntax, refer to

🔔 Checkpoint library:

  • Update new library list : More, newer

  • Add option : SaveFromMyDrive - Helps to download the selected checkpoint directly or pasted the download link in the custom link to the model folder on Drive instead of temporarily saving it on colab

🔔 QRControlnet :

  • Add Extension : QR-toolkit supports generating codes and checking QR codes

  • Support 4 types of controlnet serving as QR

🔔 Extensions:

  • Base : Faceswaplab is replaced for Faceswap-SDVN

  • Train : Re-add Dreamboot

💡 How to install the Extension individually:

  • At the A1111 Ui interface, go to the Wildcard section => Press Reset => Select the MyExtensionList card => Enter the github extension link line by line in the right text box, press Save.

  • Unused extensions, go to Extensions, uncheck => Save

  • From the next run, the Extensions will be installed completely as you like

💡 How to set token to run Ngrok server only once:

  • Get Ngrok token: here

  • At the A1111 Ui interface, go to the Wildcard section => Press Reset => Select the Ngroktoken card => Paste the ngrok token link in the right text box, press Save

  • From the next Ui run, there will always be an Ngrok server appearing before the Gradio sever, running the Ngrok server will be stable and less error prone.

💡How to share drive data:

  • After running WebUi for the first time with the main account, an SD-Data folder will be created on the main account's Drive

  • At the main account Drive, Right-click the SD-Data folder, select share => Enter sub accounts and authorize read and write

  • At Drive sub-account, go to Shared => Right-click on SD-Data folder, select add shortcut => Create shortcut to Drive, make sure SD-Data folder is unique on secondary account.

  • From next time, the secondary account using Ui web will always use the same data library as the main account

💡 Some detailed description: Ask to open the hidden section on the top of the colab page or click on the tutorial button to see more.


  • Also you can test those prompt tags quickly with my model here :

  • In addition, some of my models are available on the platform, you can refer to: SDVN Mage

  • I have written a colab site that integrates all tools for you to use stablediffusion without configuring your computer, you can refer to : Colab SDVN


If you find it useful, please vote 5 stars and post an image to help me, it's really important, I thank you all very much


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