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Checkpoint Merge
Nov 14, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2
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Joined Dec 05, 2023

⬇Read the info below to get the high quality images (click on show more)⬇


The only authorized generative service website are:


This model is free for personal use and free for personal merging(*).

For commercial use, please be sure to contact me (Ko-fi) or by email: samuele[dot]bonzio[at]gmail[dot]com


Leaderboard of my 3 best supporter:


Animerge - is experimenting

This is a experimental project, while I'm training the new Aniverse model
So while I'm waiting, I like to experiment with some merges of Aniverse or Animesh with other models.

Really a big thank you to Markwar that have spend his time to try this model and he made the main gallery! (Animerge 1.0)


-> If you are satisfied using my model, press on ❤️ to follow the progress and consider leaving me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on model review, it's really important to me!

Thank you in advance 🙇

And remember to publish your creations using this model! I’d really love to see what your imagination can do!


Recommended Settings:

  • Excessive negative prompt can makes your creations worse, so follow my suggestions below!

  • Try to use my model WITHOUT any "LoRa Model", it can give you a better result, trust me!


A1111 my settings:

I run my Home PC A1111 with this setting:

  • set COMMANDLINE_ARGS= --xformers

if you can't install xFormers (read below) use my Google Colab Setting:

  • set COMMANDLINE_ARGS= --disable-model-loading-ram-optimization --opt-sdp-no-mem-attention

My A1111 Version: v1.6.0-RC-28-ga0af2852  •  python: 3.10.6  •  torch: 2.0.1+cu118  •  xformers: 0.0.20  •  gradio: 3.41.2

If you want activate xformers optimization like my Home PC (How to install xFormers):

  • In A1111 click in "Setting Tab"

  • In the left coloumn, click in "Optimization"

  • in: "Cross attention optimization" select: "xformers"

  • Press in "Apply Settings"

  • Reboot your Stable Diffusion

If you can't install xFormers use SDP-ATTENTION, like my Google Colab:

  • In A1111 click in "Setting Tab"

  • In the left coloumn, click in "Optimization"

  • in: "Cross attention optimization" select: "sdp-no-mem - scaled dot product without memory efficient attention"

  • Press in "Apply Settings"

  • Reboot your Stable Diffusion

If you use my models, install the ADetailer extension for your A1111.

Navigate to the "Extensions" tab within Stable Diffusion.

  • Go to the "Install from URL" subsection.

  • Paste the following URL:

  • Click on the "Install" button to install the extension

  • Reboot your Stable Diffusion


VAE: VAE is included (but usually I still use the 840000 ema pruned)

Clip skip: 2

Upscaler: 4x-Ultrasharp or 4X NMKD Superscale

Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE Karras

CFG: 6~7

Steps: 50+

-> For Humans portraits:

Height: 1024px

Width: 576px

-> For Spaceships, Sport cars, Landscapes, ect:

Height: 576px

Width: 1024px

Adetailer for Faces: face_yolov8n

-> (How to install and use adetailer: Click Here)

Better Hands (optional)Bad-Hand-5 (credits: yesyeahvh)

Pos Prompt: Use your best imagination. Usually I use (best quality, masterpiece)

  • MY FAVORITE PROMPT: (best quality, masterpiece, colorful, dynamic angle, highest detailed) upperbody shot, fashion photography, YOUR PROMPT, (high resolution textures), in dynamic pose, bokeh, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.15), detailed, moonlight passing through hair, perfect night, fantasy background, (official art, extreme detailed, highest detailed), HDR

Neg Prompt:


HiRes.Fix Setting:

I don't use Hi.Res fix because:

1) in my computer don't work

2) my models don't need it. Use txt2image, aderailer and the suggested upscaler in the resources tab.

If you still want use it, this is the setting sent me by MarkWar (follow him to see his creations ❤️).

Hires upscale: 1.5

Hires steps: 20~30

Hires upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x + Anime6B,

Denoising strength: 0.4

Adetailer: face_yolov8n

How to install and use adetailer: Click Here


Inpainting Setting:

When you see that I used Inpainting on my images, I only modify the face (Hires Fix on my old PC doesn't work and got stuck). This is my setting:

  • Click in the tab img2img, than click on inpaint ->

  • Paint the face (only the face, neck, ears...) and after that set:

  • Inpaint masked

  • Only masked

  • Only masked padding, pixels: 12

  • Sampling steps: 50

  • Set: Only masked

  • Batch Size: 8
    in the Positive Prompt write: (ultra realistic, best quality, masterpiece, perfect face)

  • Than click on GENERATE


ControlNet & Prompt guide video tutorial:

Thanx to: tejasbale01 - Spidey Ai Art Tutorial (follow him in youtube)

Animesh Full V1.5 + Controlnet | Prompt Guide |


Do you like my work?

If you want you can help me to buy a new PC for Stable Diffusion!
❤️ You can buy me a (Espresso... I'm italian) coffee or a beer ❤️

This is the list of hardware if you are courius: Amazon Wishlist


I must thank you Olivio Sarikas and SECourses for their video tutorials! (I'd really love to see a your video using my model ❤️ )


You are solely responsible for any legal liability resulting from unethical use of this model

(*) MarkWar is authorized by me to do anything with my models.

(**) Why did I set such stringent rules? Because I'm tired of seeing sites like Pixai (and many others) that get rich on the backs of the model creators without giving anything in return.

(***) Low Rank Adaptation models (LoRAs) and Checkpoints created by me.

As per Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license section III, derivative content(i.e. LoRA, Checkpoints, mixes and other derivative content) is free to modify license for further distribution. In that case such is provided by licensing on each single model on All models produced by me are prohibiting hosting, reposting, reuploading or otherwise utilisation of my models on other sites that provide generation service without a my explicit authorization.