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Ultimate Text Embeddings SDXL Pack (Styles + Negative)

Updated: Sep 28, 2023
Sep 21, 2023
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
Trigger Words

Embeddings for SDXL

There are multiple embeddings here, pls check out each one of them.

Ditch those wordy prompts and get straight to the point with a single cue.

...and I see a lot of people are using SD15 embeddings on SDXL. Stop!!! They simply won’t work.

Reportedly SDXL no longer needs a long list of negative prompts, some models even perform worse when you use them. Below you can find the words for each embedding, select the one you want to use carefully.

I am going to expand this list over time. I've tested those prompts in each list, but there's always space to refine. And since some checkpoint are fragile against heavy prompting, I will try to keep these embeddings concise. Please check the list below and make sure they are indeed your desired effects before using them.

These embeddings are based on base SDXL 1.0 model, results may vary depends on what model you are using. But you can provide the prompts you'd like to use and request me to make embeddings for a specific model.

AC_Negs are general negative embeddings derived from negative prompts tested and recommended by AI Character in his article Here. You can read about more details. (Thanks man). Please check out his articles, they are super useful and informative. It is quite an extensive list, and I am not sure if you want to use all of them at once, so I split them into two parts for different usecases.

SK Styles are shared here by Sebastian Kamph (Huge thanks).

I have not yet put all of them as some styles are too niche, but it is definitely worth checking out maybe you may find something interesting for you. Negative prompts for each style are more or less the same, so I think it doesn't make sense to upload them individually here.

What are in these text embeddings:

  • ZipRealism = UHD, 8k, F2.8, RAW Photo, ultra detailed, sharp focus

  • ZipRealism_Neg = weird eyes, mutated hands, ugly, drawing, illustration, low quality, watermark, tiling, mutation, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, bad anatomy, missing fingers, crooked teeth, extra fingers, disfigured, error, abstract, 3d render, cgi, fused fingers (sometimes when I type "deformed pupil, deformed iris" like I normally do in SD15, it often makes things they are not in the list)

  • Zip2D = masterpiece, best quality, ultra-detailed, sharp image, high resolution

  • Zip2D_Neg = worst quality, low quality, lowres, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, bad hands, bad anatomy, 3d, blurry, watermark, signature, ugly, jpeg artifacts

  • AC_Neg1 = text watermark signature,low-quality,moiré pattern, downsampling, aliasing, blurry blur, glossy, jpeg artifacts, compression artifacts,poorly drawn,low-resolution bad ,error,pattern,beginner, grainy, glitch (More on poor quality image errors)

  • AC_Neg2 = distorted, distortion, twisted, excessive, exaggerated pose, exaggerated limbs, symmetrical,duplicate, pixelated, fake, hyper, overexposed, high-contrast, bad-contrast (More on style, composition and colors)

I do not recommend use all these negative prompt at the same time.

  • SK_3D = professional 3d model, octane render, highly detailed, volumetric, dramatic lighting

  • SK_Analogfilm = analog film photo {prompt}, faded film, desaturated, 35mm photo, grainy, vignette, vintage, Kodachrome, Lomography, stained, highly detailed, found footage

  • SK_Anime = anime artwork, anime style, key visual, vibrant, studio anime, highly detailed

  • SK_Cinematic = cinematic film still, shallow depth of field, vignette, highly detailed, high budget Hollywood film, bokeh, cinemascope, moody, epic, gorgeous, film grain

  • SK_Comic = comic, graphic illustration, comic art, graphic novel art, vibrant, highly detailed","photograph, deformed, glitch, noisy, realistic, stock photo

  • SK_DigitalArt = concept art, digital artwork, illustrative, painterly, matte painting, highly detailed

  • SK_Fantasy = ethereal fantasy concept art , magnificent, celestial, ethereal, painterly, epic, majestic, magical, fantasy art, cover art, dreamy

  • SK_CyberPunk = neonpunk style, cyberpunk, vaporwave, neon, vibes, vibrant, stunningly beautiful, crisp, detailed, sleek, ultramodern, magenta highlights, dark purple shadows, high contrast, cinematic, ultra detailed, intricate, professional

  • SK_Ghibli = Studio ghibli style, Art by Hayao Miyazaki, Anime Style, Manga Style, Hand drawn, cinematic, Sharp focus, humorous illustration, big depth of field, Masterpiece, concept art, trending on artstation, Vivid colors, Simplified style, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, Intricate, Vibrant colors, Soft Shading, Simplistic Features, Sharp Angles, Playful

  • SK_Vectorart = Vector art, Vivid colors, Clean lines, Sharp edges, Minimalist, Precise geometry, Simplistic, Smooth curves, Bold outlines, Crisp shapes, Flat colors, Illustration art piece, High contrast shadows, Technical illustration, Graphic design, Vector graphics, High contrast, Precision artwork, Linear compositions, Scalable artwork, Digital art (This one has a very strong effect, please use higher weight on your main prompt)

  • ...more to add

If you have better prompts that you would like to share to the community or you want me to remake one of these embeddings, you can leave your comments down below.

All demo images were generated without adetailer and controlnet.

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