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SocaRealism XL

Updated: Feb 24, 2024
base modelwomanrealisticgeneral
Checkpoint Merge
Feb 24, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0

Socarealism XL 4.0 (NSFW capable)

4.0 Update - Rebuilt with updated versions of checkpoints. Addition of a little bit of Yamer's Realistic NSFW and Rafaello into the mix. Major improvements in this version: does a much better job of a range of lighting/moods. Significantly improved skin/face texture. Better variety in faces/people.

3.0 Update - Rebuilt again from the ground up (as I will do with every x.0 update) using updated versions of the checkpoints. Added Hephaistos DPO at the end as a finisher, which really helps prompt responsiveness. Changing naming conventions to cut down on filename size for folks (Socamerge Realism XL becomes SocaRealism XL).

2.0 Update - Rebuilt from the ground up merging in newer versions of checkpoints. Added Nightvision into the mix. I'm pretty happy with the status of this checkpoint merge, so unless a new realism checkpoint comes out that really wows me, future updates will mostly be remerges to bring in new details / enhancements from updated versions of what is already merged in.

1.5 Update - Low strength merge of some updated checkpoints, to get the changes from their new editions mixed in.

This model is a generalist checkpoint merge that will produce photorealistic images, art, anime, stylized output, and everything in between. Preview images are mostly of hawt photorealistic ladies because I have an unashamed preference for such, but it is also quite capable of producing men and all folks in between, backgrounds, different styles, etc. It is quite flexible and works well with a wide range of Loras. It is very good at NSFW if you prompt for it:

NSFW Prompting:
- (Nude naked NSFW) in positive prompt = very naked people.
- No (Nude naked NSFW) anywhere = a bit on the skimpier side for clothing.
- (Nude naked NSFW) in negative prompt = more conservative clothing, can reinforce descriptions of clothes that cover-up more.

It works very well with DPM++ 2M SDE Heun Karras and DPM++ 2M SDE Heun Exponential sampling methods, but should work just fine with most others. I've tested it with a wide range of samplers and steps. All my uploaded images were generated with DPM++ 2M SDE Heun Karras and low strength ADetailer (often only Eye ADetailer to get the sclera/pupils more defined).

This checkpoint does have a VAE baked in, as that was needed from some of the checkpoints I merged in, so be aware of that if you do further merges (just make sure to bake a vae in as you merge). Automatic VAE selection will work just fine when you generate images with this checkpoint.

Huge thanks to Afroman4Peace, KandooAI, CafeFlesh, and Fodda, without whom this wouldn't exist - and whose work provided the inspiration for the original merge.

ADetailer: search for ADetailer in the WebUI Extensions panel or go to:

Models merged in:

Juggernaut XL



Pandora's Box

Fodda XL

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New Reality


Hephaistos NextGen DPO

Yamer's Realistic