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沁彩 Colorwater

Mar 10, 2023
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SD 1.5
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[ENG Instructions below]

  • 请注意,每个版本的倾向各不相同,如果你喜欢最有透明感的水彩效果,请选择v1,但它适配的模型相对较少。

  • v4是目前最推荐的版本了。

  • 其他版本各有进化的方向,有兴趣欢迎多多尝试!

  • Please note that each version has a different tendency.

  • If you like the most transparent watercolor effect, please choose the original v1, but it fits relatively few models.

  • v4 is the most recommended version right now.

  • Other versions have their own evolutionary direction, so feel free to try more if you're interested!

  • 这是一个水彩风格的LoRA,还在不断完善中,欢迎各种feedback!

  • This is a watercolor style LoRA, still in the process of improvement, welcome all kinds of feedbacks!

v4 使用说明:

  • v4 版本在适配多个模型的能力上有了极大改进,不再赘述,请参考sample图片就会马上明白了。同样的,也可以和大量的其他优秀lora一起工作,只需要注意组合权重。

  • 推荐设置:权重=0.8-1,CFG=3-6

  • The v4 version is a great improvement in the ability to adapt multiple models, so without further ado, please refer to the sample image and you will understand immediately. Likewise, it can work with a large number of other lora, just be careful with the combination weights.

  • Recommended settings: weight=0.8-1, CFG=3-6

v3 使用说明:


  • 通用的模型推荐配置:CFG<7,权重0.65-0.75,CFG与色彩浓淡完全挂钩,但请注意,根据模型不同,有些在7左右就会出现过拟合的现象。但有一些三次元模型会在7之上有比较复古的重水彩表现。

  • 和其他LoRA配合使用时请注意避免加权和过高的情况,一般来说,加权总值不超过1.2比较合适,如果需要水彩风格较多的显现,则需要保持沁彩的权重为最高的那个。


Instructions for v3

Power Enhanced!

Generic model recommended configuration: CFG<7, weight 0.65-0.75, CFG is fully linked to color intensity, but please note that depending on the model, some overfitting will occur at around 7.But there are some realistic models will have a more vintage heavy watercolor performance on top of 7.

When using with other LoRA, please pay attention to avoid weighting and too high, generally speaking, the total weighted value is not more than 1.2 is more appropriate, if you need more watercolor style to appear, you need to keep the weight of the QIN color as the highest one.

Example: The image upstairs shows the effect of using Coloerwater, Moxin and Shukezouma total of 3 LORA, the weighting ratio is 0.5 + 0.35 + 0.35

v2 使用说明:


  • 二次元类模型推荐配置:CFG<6,权重0.85-1

  • 三次元类模型推荐配置:CFG<5,权重0.5-0.7



Instructions for v2 version

Now Colorwater has undergone various enhancements and has a try on realistic style!

Recommended configuration

  • Anime-like models: CFG<6, weight 0.85-1

  • Realistic-like models: CFG<5, weight 0.5-0.7

At present, the style of the character's face is still the maximum to retain the original style of the model, v3 version will try to improve this part, the pursuit of realistic style.If things go well, there will be two diff versions by the time they are completed for everyone to try.

Thank you all for your kind comments!

v1 使用说明:

  • 水彩的风格会根据CFG的值变化,建议体验从2~6的不同变化,更高值的使用请注意是否能与你的模型匹配。总的来说,CFG的高低和水彩的浓淡正相关。

  • 权重推荐使用0.85-1,如与其他lora搭配请自行判断。

  • 由于一些原因,数据集特意排除了人脸相关的数据,所以大部分主模型在人物面部的表现都还是自己原本的特色,请根据需要自己调整即可。

Instructions for v1 version

  • The style of watercolor will change according to the value of CFG, it is recommended to experience different variations from 2~6. For higher values, please pay attention to whether it can match your model. In general, the high CFG is positively related to the intensity of the watercolor.

  • The weights are recommended to use 0.85-1, please use your own judgment if matching with other lora.

  • For some reasons, the dataset deliberately excludes face-related data, so most of the main models in the character face are still their own original features, please just adjust yourself as needed.