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Jib Mix Realistic XL

Updated: Jun 8, 2024
base modelrealistic
Checkpoint Merge
Apr 27, 2024
Base Model
SDXL 1.0
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Important: VAE is already baked in.

This is a Merge model of many of my favorite realistic SDXL Models (and some more artistic models put in for style and consistency) and I really like the output it makes.

Version 12:

This version has better brighter colours and contrast plus better prompt following.

Recommended settings:
Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karrass

Steps: 10-35

CFG: 2-8 (I Often use CFG 6.5)

This is likely to be the last SDXL model merge/finetune I publish as SD3 will be out to tune Next week!

Version 11:

Bringing you another merge of great models I like and doing 100's of A/B tests to pick the model that gives the best images. This is not a lightning model as I prefer quality over speed.

This is likely be my 2nd to last SDXL model merge/finetune I publish as SD3 will be out to tune soon.

and also tested them quite a lot with the the new Hyper Lora (8 Step).

Version 10: Is merged with the SDXL Lighting Lora. (If you want to do non photographic artworks like Watercolours, you should stick with version 9 I think.)

You need to use a CFG of :CFG: 1-2

and can use steps a low as: Steps: 4-8

and DPM++ SDE Sampler is best.

Version 9: Merged with some good prompt following models, much better male bodies.

Version 8: I have merged with some models newer models, tried to work on skin texture (but it is still not where I want it to be) and increasing the background details in images.

Version 7: I have merged with some models that claim to have improved Prompt Adherence (you still needs some cherry-picking of images, it is no Dalle.3) and some other new models with styles I liked the look of.

Version 6 has better/more detailed backgrounds and higher image contrast as well as some better NSFW capabilities. It also seems to give a wider variety of poses and image variations.

Version 5 has been merged with a few different SDXL eye Improvement Loras and several NSFW Loras. then merged back with older versions of the model and some Anime and Artistic models to bring back the artistic capabilities.

Version 4 incorporates newer released flexible models and seems to improve composition, skin texture, and artistic styles.

Version 3 incorporates hassansdxl_v10 NSFW model at a low 0.15.

And improves NSFW generations without affecting (probably Improving) overall consistency and artistic flare.

Version 2 incorporates

Colossus Project XL

and improves skin texture and overall composition.

Version 1 is a Merge of:







It is quite good at NSWF , prompting (boobs out) (naked) will usually be enough, but can be improved with the
Lora to add better detail.

Finally, a few recommendations for the settings:

Sampler: I like the Heun Sampler but it is slower than most.

Steps: 30-40

CFG: 6-7 (Often use CFG 7 but 6 can look a bit pleasing/natural for photo-realistic images.)

Including: "35mm photograph, film, bokeh, professional, 4k, highly detailed" gives very good skin details in portraits.

I like to put the token (Bokeh) In the negative prompt to remove some blurring and improve the image.

Most of my sample Images have used the SXDL Styles Selector on the Photographic prompt injection setting.

I like to give all my output images at least a 2x upscale with img2img with high steps and a 0.15 - 0.6 Denoising strength.

Some times I the do a 4K upscale with Ultimate tiled upscale script extension.