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Forgotten Pages

Nov 18, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Steps: 1,730
Epochs: 2
Usage Tips
Clip Skip: 2
Trigger Words
forgotten_pages a drawing of
forgotten_pages a map of
forgotten_pages (your prompt)

Forgotten Pages

Hey there, I'm Simone, and this marks my maiden voyage into the realm of LoRa.

The idea behind this LoRa is to craft the hand-drawn pages of a long-forgotten fantasy/ancient/esoteric/mystery book, lost in the annale of time.

It delves into a mysterious era filled with magic, benevolent forces, malevolent creatures, untarnished nature, and everything imaginable: wizards, fantastical cities, world maps, mythical creatures, witch recipes books, heroes, monsters, and so much more.

It's up to you and your immagination.

The weight can be set based on the outcome you're aiming for. I usually set it at 1, but I've occasionally achieved stellar results by dialing it down to 0.5 or even lower if necessary.

I've often used it with DreamShaper but I got good results with RealisticVision and epiCRealism or epiCPhotoGasm as well, so feel free to play around with the models.

I've tested it with other LoRas, even with a couple of small LoRas I made to generate my face and my partner's, and it worked good without lowering any of the weights (see below, it's me)...

forgotten_pages a drawing portrait a wizard <lora:forgotten_pages:1> <lora:Pippo:1>

(<lora:Pippo:1>) its the LoRa that creates me feel free to experiment and try it with other different LoRas as well.

It will usually generate a not coloured image (except for the parchment style page color), but you can ask for colours in the prompt and it will usually do a good job.

It's been trained using 768x768 images, and my typical approach involves a mix of 768 and 512 for both weight and height, followed by upscaling.

For example

forgotten_pages  a drawing a town with a castle at the center <lora:forgotten_pages:1>

forgotten_pages  a drawing a town with a castle at the center, red roof blue sky <lora:forgotten_pages:1>

forgotten_pages  a drawing a town with a castle at the center, red roof blue sky green grass <lora:forgotten_pages:1>

If you notice a tendency for it to generate tentacles for animals and monsters, simply include "tentacles" as a negative prompt. Similarly, if it tends to produce elf ears, put "elf" as a negative word prompt. Same if you notice too many annotations on the page.

This is my first public LoRs, and I'm genuinely excited to produce more, contributing to the world of AI art generation. I sincerely hope you all enjoy it, and your positive feedback would be the fuel to inspire me to create even more :)

Note: for the best results, Isuggest you to alway use forgotten_pages as a trigger word at the beginning of the prompt

Of course If anyone more experienced than me has suggestions, I'm all ears and eager to learn from their insights!