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StablyDiffused's Aesthetic Mix

Updated: Jan 27, 2023
Pruned SafeTensor
Checkpoint Merge
Jan 27, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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modelshoot style
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Joined Dec 9, 2023

Seek Art license, Dreamlike license.

This is a mix of some of my favorite models to create something that captures the aesthetic I like but also without sacrificing NSFW capabilities. Basically an 'almost' do everything mix for me.

For best results use the Standard SD VAE.

Disclaimer: All prompts in the example images use InvokeAI Syntax NOT Automatic1111 syntax. The key thing you need to know is that 'term+' is equivalent to '(term)' ++ is the same as (()) and so on.

Version 2:

Well... Where to start... This has been a very long project. After using V1 for a while there were several things I just wasn't happy with and felt it needed updates. I tried many different merges and couldn't get what I wanted out of it. I really like Protogen 5.3 and wanted to use it as the base, but I felt like I couldn't get it to give me what I wanted Luckily @darkstorm2150 was gracious enough to outline his full recipe on Reddit and explained how to build protogen from the ground up. I studied this for a while and dug deep into it. In the end I settled on rebuilding using a similar recipe but with several tweaks so that I could get something else out of it. So Version 2 is a complete and total rebuild. Keeping in fashion with Darkstorm who provided the base recipe I will also provide my full recipe below so that you can fully see what I changed.

The following Recipe was created on Automatic1111 WebUI using the Checkpoint Merger tool. There are two possible formulas that show in this recipe.

Primary Model (A) + Secondary Model (B) @ Multiplier (M) -- This indicates that a Weighted Sum merge was used

Primary Model (A) + (Secondary Model(B) - Tertiary Model (C)) @ Multiplier (M) -- This indicates Add Difference was used

Aesthetic_v1.1 = f222_v1 + elldrethSImagination_v10 @ 0.85

Aesthetic_v1.2 = hassanBlend1512And_hassanBlend1512_1 + Aesthetic_v1.1 @ 0.85

Aesthetic_v1.3 = Aesthetic_v1.2 + (rpg_rpgV3Candidate16 - v1.5-pruned-emaonly) @ 0.15

Aesthetic_v1.4 = Aesthetic_v1.3 + (seek_art_mega_v1 - v1.5-pruned-emaonly) @ 0.25

Aesthetic_v1.5 = Aesthetic_v1.4 + (modelshoot-1.0 - v1.5-pruned-emaonly) @ 0.15

Aesthetic_v1.6 = Aesthetic_v1.5 + (daugeph_daugeph - Aesthetic_v1.5) @ 0.25

Aesthetic_v1.7 = Aesthetic_v1.6 + moistmixV1_moistmixV1 @ 0.1

Aesthetic_v1.8 = Aesthetic_v1.7 + openjourney-v2-unpruned @ 0.05

Aesthetic_v1.9 = Aesthetic_v1.8 + analog-diffusion-1.0 @ 0.05

Aesthetic_v2.0 = Aesthetic_v1.9 + (dreamlikePhotoRealV2 - v1.5-pruned-emaonly) @ 0.05

The prunes that are available are fp16 no-ema prunes created using the Model Converter extension in Automatic1111 and I have confirmed that they produce the same results as the unpruned versions. All example images were generated using InvokeAI from the pruned CKPT version using gfpgan face restoration at 0.8 strength and with High Res Optimization turned on.

Version 1:

Models used in the original mix: