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Taureal Mix

Updated: Jun 14, 2023
base model
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Jun 12, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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Welcome to Taureal Mix!


If you love my work you can buy me a coffee : you dont have to, but if you do, it helps me stay awake until midnight (which is the only time im able to work on these stuff lol) -- or.. a like or a review wont hurt or takes you more than 1 mins, while it takes me hours, days or even week to make this - it helps the thread alive and afloat.


**Update Changelog can be seen at model version details.**

NOTE : Alot of sample images has been removed by CivitAi even though there is no TOS violation.


Suitable to those who needs:

  1. All round realistic model with versatile styles.

  2. Low memory cost.

  3. Accurate txt2img results with short/long prompt.

  4. Low model bias = more accurate lycoris/lora representation.

  5. Better integration with my previous / future lora.


  1. tested mostly for txt2img, for other functions use at your own discretion.

  2. tested specifically for my previous or future lora. loras from other creators may work or may not work well with my model.

  3. a pruned model is not suitable to be merged. choose the v3.1 or v2.1 instead.

Prerequisite & Resources

These are the resources i use for my standard workflow :

  1. ADetailer

    GitHub - Bing-su/adetailer: Auto detecting, masking and inpainting with detection model.

  2. Negative Embeddings (Use 1 only)

    Use when needed only, v3.7 pruned without negative ti is observed to produce significantly better result compared to v2.1 / v3.1


  3. Facial Enhancer Embeddings (optional)

    yesyeahvh/ulzzang-6500 · Hugging Face

    Pure Eros Face - PureErosFace_v1 | Stable Diffusion Textual Inversion | Civitai

Credits to all creators above that helps the model achieve its sample images quality above.

How To prompt this mix

You can follow your own prompting method, this guide only serves as a convention when you are having trouble producing similar results with my lora.

  1. Style —> realistic , realistic details, detailed for realism / anime for anime / masterpiece , best illustration for conceptual art.

  2. Subject —> describe your subject can be anything. 1girl, solo, cute, beautiful, slender, etc. if you use my character lora this should be where you put trigger words of the character

  3. Attire —> describe the outfit of your subject. If you use my attire lora this is where you should put trigger words

  4. Background / Context —> describe the context or the scene

  5. Textual Inversion & LoRa brackets

How to maximize this mix?

Sampler & Steps

  • SDE Karras Sampler = 16 / 8 Denoise @ 0.32

  • DDIM Sampler = 16 / 8 Denoise @0.32 (Observed Fast like 2M, but with SDE Quality, DDIM is very good for concise prompt, but is weak at translating complex prompt)

  • Using negative embeddings is a must to create sample image quality. Negative Ti is no longer needed to achieve sample image quality

CFG Scale

  • CFG Scale (creative) 4 ----------- 10 (accurate) -- 12 (Max)

Resolution & Upscaling

Utilizing ADetailer

  • Face = Noise 0.3

  • Hands = Noise 0.25-0.4

  • Body = Noise 0.3-0.5

The rule of thumb is that there are no constant equation, you need to find one your own that suits what you are aiming, and sometimes you change these value on the fly depending on your goal. its better to know what these parameters do to your results rather than copying values from people's post.


As an afterwords, i hope you enjoy using this model, a like or a review definitely helps, or if you find it distasteful, you don't have to use it. there are many models out there that produces similar or superior results.