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A-Zovya RPG Artist Tools

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May 23, 2023
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SD 1.5
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Joined Dec 04, 2023

Update June 2nd, Added version V3+VAE model.

A model with professional RPG industry artists in mind. Those working in video games, board and tabletop games as well as concept art and book covers should get good use from this model. The new version 3 packs in more training for creatures and rendering styles.

Detailed tutorial on how I get the results in the preview images.
Check here if you're having trouble getting the same results. Initial generation size and VAE usage is key.

You can prompt any style you need with these models, but the default aesthetic is listed for each of the models in this handy list.

Different models available, check the blue tabs above the images up top:

Stable Diffusion 1.5 (512) versions:

  • V3+VAE Same as V3 but with the added convenience of having a preset VAE baked in so you don't need to select that each time. Saves on vram usage and possible NaN errors. Speeds up workflow if that's the VAE you're going to use anyway.

  • V3 Stronger painterly style. High contrast and sharpness. Even more RPG knowledge.

  • V3 inpaint Inpainting version of V3 that's good for outpainting.

  • V2 Stronger painterly style. High contrast and sharpness. More RPG knowledge.

  • V2 offset Noise Offset added making more contrast and bringing the model back to photoreal.

  • V2 Art Trained model. Very artsy. Strongest painterly style. Less details and bigger brush strokes to mimic digital painting style pre-AI.

  • V2 inpaint Inpainting version of V2 that's good for outpainting.

  • V1 Smoother renders with least painterly effect.

  • V1 inpaint Inpainting version of V1 that's good for outpainting.

Stable Diffusion 2.1 (768) versions:

  • SD 2.1 768 V1 Strong painterly style, very coherent with hands and objects. Higher native resolution and detail. Not good for nudity.

Not as effective, but here's the LoRA if you like to use that instead:
A to Zovya RPG Artist's Tools LoRA

Do you have requests? I've been putting in many more hours lately with this. That's my problem, not yours. But if you'd like to tip me, buy me a beer. Beer encourages me to ignore work and make AI models instead. Tip and make a request. I'll give it a shot if I can. Here at Ko-Fi