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Tharja - Fire Emblem

Updated: Jun 17, 2023
characterfire emblemtharja
Jun 2, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Trigger Words

What does it do you ask?

The sexy stalker Dark Mage from Fire Emblem Awakening, Tharja, has come to cast her eyes on you Robin. Now she just needs to find him so that happens. Unfortunately for Tharja, I won't be making a Robin Lora so she'll just have with to deal with whatever curses and hexes you want to throw her way after you download the Lora. Or be nice and just give her a big hug.

How to use it:

(I use Sampling Method DPM++ SDE Karras and Upscaler R-ESRGAN 4x+ Anime6B).

0.6 to 1 depending on model/lora/etc combination.

Main Trigger

TharjaFE - For the character in her base outfit.

bodystocking - The realistic-ish models seem to lose the bodystocking, so add this if you want to reinforce it

Other Useful Tags

Anything Else You Want!

Extra, Extra!: Should be well trained and usable in most models. Images shown for example.

Picture Descriptions:

1-2: Hasaku with just this Lora.

3: AnythingV3 with just this Lora.

4-5: RevAnimated with just this Lora.

6: MagicMixx with just this Lora.

7: PerfectWorld with just this Lora.

8-8: Hasaku combo'd with my in progress Japanese Delinquent Locon. (Two Images)

10: Hasaku combo'd with my in progress Samurai On Locon.

11: Hasaku combo'd with my in progress Shibari Locon (specifically using them under/with clothes).

12: Hasaku combo'd with my in progress Lustful Corruption Locon.

13: Hasaku combo'd with my in progress Sex Doll Locon.

14: Hasaku combo'd with my in progress Tied Till Orgasm Locon.

How was it trained?

It was trained on animefull_final with 35 images with the usual self-pruning and tagging and a wide range of different images. I like keeping my prompts simple for the first few pictures so that you can see it without a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo. Make your pictures better than mine though!

What's next for this?

I think it's good.

What's next that isn't this?

More character Loras. (Kanzaki Kaori and Musujime Awaki from the Railgun Series, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Echidna from Re:Zero, Rupee and Volume from Nikke, Spectre Tenebria from E7, Zephia from Fire Emblem Engage, Ivy from Soul Calibur 5, Heine from Combatants Will Be Dispatched, Conqueror Lilias from E7, Evelynn from LoL (base version), Laharl-Chan from Disgaea 5, Miku from Idaten Deities, Kuribayashi Shino from GATE, Rin Sohma from Fruits Basket, Kasumi from P5, Ikumi Mito from Food Wars, Alice Nakiri from Food Wars, Lulu from FF10, Laharl-chan from Disgaea, Dominique de Sade from Vanitas, and Dos from One Punch Man.) And maybe Wilhelm van Astrea, my favorite Re:Zero husbando or a Prinny from Disgaea.

V2's of some of the previous Loras. Specifically make them more diversely acceptable with other models and LORA's.

I also have some more quite NSFW Locon's. I decided to list them as well, so if people have preferences on which to fix up first let me know. Specifically, Masturbating while Clothed (I had trouble getting masturbation with clothes on, so making a Locon), Train Groping/Sex, Sex Doll, Slutify/Hookerify, Shy Gal-ify (I had no idea this was a thing but I found so many images of it when looking at other stuff I just tossed it in), Bowsette Transformation (Makes your waifu kinda look like Bowsette without changing other aspects), Fallen Angel, Evil Sailor Scout, Team Rocket (Make the waifu a Team Rocket Grunt), Pony Bondage (specifically with the capability of being "riden"), X-ray Vision (glasses that give you x-ray vision of a girl, this one has been hard), Vore (Waifu mid-way being eaten specifically), Revealing Clothes (just makes normal clothing even more revealing), More Brainwashing (in ideation for this still), Slime Corruption (transforms your waifu into a slime girl), Cowify (Make your waifu into a cow-girl), Bound Yuri (two girls tied up, breast to breast and likely kissing), Tied Till Orgasm (basically the waifu tied up with vibrators and being overwhelmed with pleasure), Beta Censorship (Automatically censors any images you create to make them BetaSafe), being stepped on, Robotification, Petrified (I'm unsure if I should bother with this one anymore), Infection (this one is VERY nsfw, as the waifu is completely infected), Tentacles, Pillory, Latex Corruption, Combat Drone (hard to describe but basically making them a mindless sci-fi combat warrior), JAV Supervillain, Blacked, Hourglass Figure (just to make your waifu curvy), and Holding a Leash.

And, uh, I want to make a few SFW Locon's so I have a Schoolgirl and Naughty Schoolgirl, Witch, Pirate, Samurai, Tomboy, Delinquent (The delinquent girls in japanese schools specifically), Maid (both normal and naughty variants), forest fairy, barbarian.

I'm also planning to split up my Evil-ify your Waifu into two separate files, Lustful Corruption and Pure Evil.

Or just give me some random suggestion or priority opinions. That works too.

I've also added a couple of my extreme NSFW preview images to my twitter ( Let me know if you think I should work on them more for a submission here.