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Prompt Palette

Updated: Jul 8, 2023
Jun 23, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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Lists of artists, photographers, artistic techniques and photo effects that I could find and check. Those who did not pass the test were not included in the final selection.

I ran everything through deliberate_2, which I consider to be a balanced and stable base.

It is clear that the model knows more than I could find, but it was necessary at some point to stop, collect and sort everything in a readable list.

I checked about 2400 artists, of which I kept almost 1800 that I considered quite working and stable.

The selection was quite sparing, as I understand that the check on the generation of five images does not give a complete picture of the abilities of the prompt. I leave experimenting to those who may be interested in even the most unremarkable artist.

In addition, I collected working art techniques. I ran over 300 titles with and without the following combinations: "technique", "drawing", "painting", "style" and "art". From the results obtained, I left, subjectively, the most successful. Sometimes more than one. The final list included 264 prompts, which I also consider incomplete, but sufficient for a basic understanding.


Added one html file with over 400 photographers and almost 100 "photo filter" prompts that seemed to be the most successful.

It is easier to make a b\w image from a color image than vice versa. Therefore, in parallel with the usual generation, I added another one with token: "colored photography". This is not an ideal way of colorization, it consistently makes the picture warm. To no longer affect the prompt, I just changed the negative.

UPD (30 June)

Added a few art styles.

It took a long time generating on 1050ti and assembling in a convenient format. Therefore, any feedback is appreciated.

Each page is packed into html file. During assembling I prioritized optimization for large file size.