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Question about use with DiffusionBee

Is there a way to know which models will work with DiffusionBee for mac before downloading? Or is there a certain area or category or a way to tag models, that specifically state that they have been tested with DiffusionBee? Im a newb obviously. Thanks! excited to try out

1 Answer


DiffusionBee supports all checkpoint (.ckpt) models - the less-safe (malware wise) cousin of .safetensors models.

Quite a few content creators upload both a .ckpt (also known as a PickleTensor) to Civitai alongside a SafeTensor file. You can click the down arrow on the Download button to see if a .ckpt/PickleTensor is available, which you can import into DiffusionBee.

Here's an example from my general purpose model card;

I don't believe there's a way to filter to show specifically .ckpt/PickleTensor uploads.

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