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Textual Inversions, Hypernetworks, and Lora's oh my

This might seem like a silly question, BUTT! Can these all be used together, and what have you found to be the best practices with any/all of them?

2 Answers


So, in short, yes! They can all be used interchangeably/combined for different effects. I can give you some examples!

Firstly, a quick TLDR on what they are -

  • Textual Inversion - Captures a likeness, or a particular style. Multiple Textual Inversions can be called in your prompt, and they combine (if they're Styles), somewhat. For example; my Style-Glass, and Style-Bone (unreleased, but Style-Necromancy is similar);

  • Hypernetworks - Affect the image as a whole - like overlaying a filter on top of the image. This can be to capture an artist's style, or to apply a cinematic look (noir, etc.). They can technically capture a likeness, but I think they're far more useful to capture a style.

  • LoRA - LoRA, or "Low-Rank Adaptation for Fast Text-to-Image Diffusion Fine Tuning" is a training method, much like Textual Inversion, but it creates a kind of mini-checkpoint. They're meant to be quicker and more forgiving to train than a TI. It can capture a subject, or a style, or both - and can be called in your prompt just like a Textual Inversion. You can also combine it with textual inversion, like so;

    My Gothic|Noir LoRA, coupled with Style-Necromancy textual inversion;

    I love to mix and match all three in my prompts - very rarely do I run a "vanilla" prompt without at least one Textual Inversion, and usually more than one!

    Hope this helps!

Thanks so much.

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