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Could there be tutorials for dreambooth models and embedings?


It's hard to find updated and thorough explanations of every features, of pitfalls and how to circumvent errors and it seems like it's still nebulous even for the more advanced users so to explain it straight-forward.
It would be great if there was a wiki with references to pre-existing tutorials, but also more detailed additions, and comprehensive walkthroughs.

4 Answers

I have an old walkthrough about textual inversion for style and a recent video about training DreamBooth for style. Maybe it’s helpful.

Kasucast #11 - Stable Diffusion: How I train DreamBooth for Style

Kasucast #7 - Using stable diffusion and textual inversion to create stylized character concept art

Take a look at this Reddit post by u/Zyin about textual inversion, it's a pretty frickin' fantastic guide.

Here is another great guide regarding textual inversions / embeddings -

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