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I want to share my workflow (simple tutorial)


Model: Colorful

(simply because I collected it, and I know its peculiarities well)

Positive prompt:

  • weather, light, location: highres, bloom, cinematic lighting, snow,

  • content: a photo of attractive stunning woman, messy bun, covered by snow, behind glacial mountains

  • quality: ,(masterpiece:1.3), (best_quality:1.3), (ultra_detailed:1.3), 8k, extremely_clear, realism, (ultrarealistic:1.3)

Negative prompt:

  • (low quality:1.4), (worst quality:1.4), (monochrome:1.1), fingers, deformed, distorted, disfigured, limb, hands, anatomy, long neck, negative_hand-neg

Sampling method:

  • DPM++ SDE Karras

Sampling steps:

  • count tokens % 3


  • 640*640, 576*832, 832*576

Upscaler (optional):

  • Latent

Denoising strength:

  • 0.55

Upscale by:

  • 1.25

Upscale steps:

  • same


one, two

Tips & tricks:

  • add camera name for specific style, examples: (Hasselblad:1.3),close up RAW photo, professional color grading, film grain, [(ultrarealistic:1.2) : (adobe lightroom:1.2):.3]


Model: Animatrix

Negative prompt:

  • (low quality:1.4), (worst quality:1.4), (monochrome:1.1)



Tips & tricks:

  • use artist name for specific style

2 Answers

Thank you!

Thanks, loving your models!
monochrome as negative is used so it generate more saturated colors?

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