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Remove the category of celebrities.

As a member of this website, I want to express my concern about the category of celebrities. Not only does it go against the terms of the program, but it also may lead to future problems. I understand that some people may be interested in seeing celebrities, but there is a clear difference between admiring them and taking advantage of their fame without their permission. Posting nude pictures of celebrities without their authorization is not only unethical, but it is also illegal. Furthermore, if we as a website are seen as enabling this kind of behavior, we may be held legally responsible. Therefore, I think that it is important that we remove this category from our website. We should focus on promoting positive values, rather than enabling unethical and illegal activities. After all, our website should be a place where people can feel safe and respected. I believe that by taking this step, we can ensure that our website is a safe and positive environment for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to consider my suggestion.

32 Answers

1. the legality of this lies in where you live, this is an international community so there would be no real legality to abide.

  1. as far as i know it is not alowed to post nsfw material of real people(celebritys) so the site/community has already taken a stand on this.

  2. not everyone wants to produce nsfw images with SD. some people just wanna do fanart

  3. i am personaly against cencorship in SD. i know this can be problematic and some people want to abuse this new tools for unethical/immoral things, but i think censoring is not the way.

  4. the portrait of nude bodys is a stable in every form of art

lame dont listen to this guy cuz as soon as you do there A) not only gonna be 40 diff websites the do B) you lose traffic, C) its fair use so celebrities can cry themselves to sleep on their 10 million dollar beds in their 100 million dollar mansions for all I care.

In addition, your prudish, point of view should not be forced on others don't like it turn on the SFW filter and stop complaining and trying to ruin other people's fun.

A LOT of times NSFW models actually produce better stable proportions. Will stand by this answer, because a lot of Anime/Comic diffusion mixes have NSFW bases to them and in your negative prompts you LITERALLY can take out NSFW. Literally. Done this before myself.

There is no LEGAL standing on this unless an actual celebrity comes out and causes a lawsuit.
It is important yes to have dialogue in these, but why in gods names are you coming onto an AI site with an ANTI AI sticker that doesnt' do anything but annoy the crap out of people.

1. These images are generative, if you zoom in close even with upscaling you'll see they're NOT photographs.
2. Nudity? have an issue, go whine at an Art class teaching nudes, which is a thing - btw, We have a 3 year degree in design and will promise you we took nude drawing classes. You're nude when you're in the shower? XD
3. Censorship in Art is disgusting, and i know i'm literally basing this point by point from above and expanding it - but if you censor art, literauture and more we lose the cultural context. And yes, SD and AI concepts are considered cultural.. it's an innovation in the future.

We've lost so much ART AND CULTURE before to people who don't want "Incorrect culture" in the 19th and 20th centuries and even in roman times... We're just starting to peel back on that stuff, gatekeeping in this matter is just - it's understandable and frustrating hwne you have a feeling ,and a gut feeling.

Trust me, your "ANTI STANCE" on AI isnt unfounded entirely, but check both sides of the story - see how the world works. NSFW isn't always "NUDY BITS" it's actually scariily subjective.I run a discord, and half of the users thinks anything for anyone with the mind of a 12 year old shouldn't even see certain kinds of humor, memes, violence etc.

As for references: Censorship in times of war, censorship from governments, cultural censorship, geesh -- uh, XD Otago Polytechnic degree for the Art classes?

"Hello my fellow AI enthusiasts! I too am a friend of the artificial intelligencies! Ignore my pfp, I am one of you! Brothers, do you not find this thing PROBLEMATIC? Join me in ousting the Bad Thing WE Do Not Like from our community! Because I am one of you, fellow enthusiasts!"

Nice anti-AI pfp. You're not fooling anyone.

hahahhaha this guy is an anti-ai concern troll trying to destroy the site. Good thing he was a genius and left his profile pic up.

For those not aware, this is what concern trolling looks like. Interesting case study here.

Nobodies ever gone after ImageFap for fakes. How is this any different?

It's going to happen regardless if we want it or not. People just do whatever they want.

Lol nice profile pic. If you really want to be taken seriously, I think you should atleast change your profile pic man.

I think we can all agree at least that to put in the ToS that your model must not be of a real person's likeness, then have a whole category for real people's likenesses, is a pants-on-fire contradiction.

I would not want a model of myself or my loved ones on the internet to make it easier for creeps to make pictures of me in compromising positions to suit their deepest perversions... not to yuck anyone's yum but a celebrities category to broadly share real likenesses is obviously unethical. I know it's a privileged position to take, but I say if you're going to do that sort of thing it needs to be private and personal and not get commodified. Left private and personal it's no more harmful than a fantasy in your own head with extra steps, but sharing the content and making it easy and implying that we're all fine with that brings a whole different level of potential violation to the subject of the model.

Of course there will be underground ways to get DF content, just like there are ways to get CP content, but that'll never be a reason for them to accept either type of content over at PornHub etc. The sort of whataboutism I see here, denouncing the golden rule as old-fashioned moralizing and censorship, reeks of rationalizing away basic ethics to justify your own horny pursuits. Get some post-nut clarity.



How about no? Also, Photoshop exists. There were always celebrity fakes. Hell, PENCILS exist. You can easily Google and find ancient mosaics satirizing politicians and showing some king being fucked by a hog or something, censoring that is insane. It is literally what they tried to do with Charlie Hebdo, bombing it for political cartoons showing the likeness of some holy cow.

Do NOT. BEND. OVER. TO CENSORSHIP. Never. We had that shit in USSR, now we're free and nobody can forbid us from parodying some rich guy in art. Stop being ridiculous. Where's the downvote button?

You know what, I though to render a picture of Kadyrov sucking a lot of dicks, but actual award-winning magazine covers widely published worldwide already done that. It's not only legal, it's morally right. And you're wrong, comrade KGB. Period.

Or else what, you will bomb CIVITAI, that's what you want, extremist? You have a picture of a political movement, someone, van Caulino for proposed terrorism. If it speaks like SS officer, if it looks like an SS officer, than probably it shouldn't be allowed to post.

So an anti-AI dude shows up and ask an AI community to take something perfectly legal off their website... Sounds legit!

Literally the dumbest shit I've ever read

You're just a troll. The fact that this post even draws the attention that it does is highly concerning. The removal of people like you from "our website" would be infinitely more valuable than any form of censorship that could be imposed.

Sorry man, taking that stuff down isn't gonna stop people from fapping to celebs.

This site might not be for you. I suggest you find some sites that cater to your things instead of trying to force others to follow what you believe in.

I believe that every person in this world has the right to do what they want...censoring everything is not the solution, it's up to people to be ethical and moral, with force nothing is solved...rather than opening a section of the site where people are taught to be morally and civilly correct... but certainly not by censoring everything! For the rest, if you are against artificial intelligence, it makes no sense that you have registered on a site where artificial intelligence is the basis...if you don't like it, use the filters and remove CivitAI from your browser favorites!

hosting them allows you some control over them, not hosting them = no control whatsoever

Sadly the AI scene is run by coomers that think making fake porn of REAL people is OK and not at all ethically corrupt. But it very much is a for use scenario. Yes, most will be using it for negatives, but that doesn't make the resources themselves negative. I mean, unless the lora or resource is specifically stated to be as such lol

Whatever is done, I don't think people who died long ago enough their image and the training material for is definitively in public domain (such as Abraham Lincoln) should be categorized the same as living people. Political officials, even living, are also generally considered to lack image rights (especially so for those from countries that lack "Crown Copyright" and have plenty of public domain images in existence).

I'm sorry, but while I agree that people shouldn't be throwing up images of real persons in compromising positions on the internet all willy-nilly, censorship or restricting access to the AI resources is not the ethical answer to the issue. In this particular case, the (unfortunately) inevitable onus of regulation should not fall on those providing the tools, but those hosting the creations made. Stifling creativity simply because it can be used nefariously is far too heavy-handed and ethically bankrupt in my opinion.

with the word AI and the universal symbol for NO over it? Yeah, your opinion totally matters here. If you're going to try to make this happen under false pretenses you need to get better at lying.

Heres some reasons why you're wrong, or things I think you need to do:

A.) Be much smarter than you are and consider things like, say... oh, I don't know, maybe things like your god damn avatar before making the post that tries to play the "hey c'mon guys it's for our own good" card when advocating for the ban of creativity? Maybe that? Because anyone with a pulse that's smart enough to figure out how to install automatic1111 can sniff that shit out in a second, my guy. Or girl. Whatever the fuck.

B.) I hear what you're saying and, while normally, under any other circumstances, I might be inclined to agree with you.... if these were, in fact, real nude photos. Because that shit's not cool. But guess what? They're fucking not. Know how I know? Because I've made models of myself, my wife, and then generated photos of shit like 45 different me's gangbanging her. And guess what? It ALWAYS makes 1) my dick bigger, 2) her tits better, 3) our faces better looking. Even if I train it perfectly. These celebrities spend hours and hours and millions to look half as good naked as these models make them look. So, not only are the photos not real, but, they also make the person in them look better, or have the looks they've been chasing and trying to buy the entire time they've been famous. Forgive me if I don't shed a tear.

C.) You're playing way too the fuck close to an open flame, bruv. Proverbially, but, I will note that banning artwork or satirical comics of well known personalities is a step that's real fuckin' close to the stop on that Orwellian orange-line train station where they're burning books. So, you know, do enough shit like this, and it'll be proverbially, AND literally. Stay frosty, they're already banning some of them in the states.

D.) I got 5 bucks that says you were an extra, or had a small speaking role on a shitty TV show, live in a crappy apartment off Franklin and Highland in Hollywood, CA, and are worried about someone making fake revenge porn with a model trained on you. I got news for you-- you're not important enough for anyone to do that. If someone you know has already done that, it's because they're a weird psychopath and you should take that shit up with THEM instead of trying to cut the head off the entire snake, because this snake is actually good for the ecosystem. You cut enough snake's heads off, and suddenly you got a rodent problem. Besides, like I said, you're not that important, and no one would ever care even if they did come across a model with you in it. Fucking relax. Worst case scenario, someone sees a fake naked sex pic of you that's the prettiest you've ever looked and that gives you a bigger dick, or tits, Oh, the humanity.

While I vehemently disagree with the caustic nature of all the other replies (though I understand the reason for the attitudes being copped), my position more or less leans in their direction. The short of it is, if and until a celebrity files and wins a lawsuit regarding AI art, it falls under parody law which most modern countries observe to some degree. In most cases, it's legally no different than doing a pencil sketch of an artist and posting it online. If a person is going around sharing hardcore AI art involving celebrities and tabloiding it as though it's legit, that person will be sued before long, and that person will be held accountable by a jury of their peers for their individual actions.

It won't be happening here on Civitai, as the site has taken a hard stance against even tastefully nude/less-than-tastefully clothed art using models trained to resemble real people of all stripes. So regardless, asking Civitai to remove the celebrities category is pretty moot.

It's tempting to go along with this if it gets rid of all of the Gutto Nerd models...

I think the worst part in their TOS on real people is this part:

Q: What if my resource is of an adult-film star, who regularly appears in more revealing clothing?

A: Great point, but here's the distinction. Those individuals consented to being filmed and depicted in certain ways. Here on Civitai, we want to ensure we respect everyone's consent, regardless of their profession.

I understand "respect", but the word "consent" is just hypocrite, nothing in the celebrity tab gets any consent from the real person.

Nice profile pic for supporting this site πŸ˜‚

Before AI, celebrity nudes were produced with Photoshop.

Before that, with pencil sketching or paint.

I can imagine that Leonardo Da Vinci might have had a secret stash of nude pictures he sketched of some of the local Renaissance hotties.

We have a new paintbrush. Get used to it.

I don't particularly mind the category existing, but is there a way to get rid of it locally? I have it blocked already, but I keep seeing them in the feed.

I would recommend suggesting things to actually improve the site, instead of trying to get things removed that some people may use, even if YOU don’t.

Pls don't, I'm planning to make a Sydney Penny lora in future for the lack of her younger photos online and in SD, I'd want to be able to share it with fellow Largo fans.

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