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Checkpoint Merge
Jan 3, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5

Not necessary at all but if you're feeling generous and want to help support my unhealthy amount of AI generating and future art endeavors:

There is 12 files:

  1. ckpt 7.17GB*

  2. safetensors 7.17GB

  3. ckpt ema only 4.27GB

  4. safetensors ema only 4.27GB

  5. ckpt pruned 1.99GB

  6. safetensors pruned 1.99GB

  7. realistic 7.5GB

  8. realistic safetensors 7.5GB

  9. realistic pruned 2GB

  10. realistic pruned safetensors 2GB

  11. realistic ema only 4.2GB

  12. realistic ema only safetensors 4.2GB

*The main download is the 7.17GB ckpt file.

Select what you prefer, scroll down and choose the version and download you'd like using the drop down.

They are slightly different even with the same seed and prompt.

No Viruses or Pickles! Checked using this:

About this bad ass beast of a checkpoint:

I merged a few checkpoints and got something buttery and amazing. Does great with things other then people too. It can do anything really. It doesn't need crazy prompts either. Keep it simple. No need for all the artist names and trending on whatever.

Example Prompts:

  1. female, pale purple hair, frills, detailed skin, perfect face, fashion photography, photo realistic, 20 megapixel, canon eos r3, detailed skin, detailed, detailed face, (full body intricate, vibrant, photo realistic, realistic, dramatic, sharp focus, 8k)

  2. (extremely detailed photo 8k), full body shot photo of the most beautiful artwork, beautiful woman soldier, green hair, cleavage, wearing intricate advanced futuristic blue power armor, propped up on one elbow, cinematic lighting, very detailed face and eyes, park in background, high quality photo

Negative prompt examples:

  1. Asian, cartoon, 3d, (disfigured), (bad art), (deformed), (poorly drawn), (extra limbs), (close up), strange colors, blurry, boring, sketch, lackluster, big breast, large breast, huge breasts, face portrait, self-portrait, signature, letters, watermark

  2. Asian, large boobs, muscular, out of frame , worst quality , text , blurred , monstrous , hideous , ugly , duplicate , cropped , mutilated , horrifying

What I merged:

**Original post maybe? for the model.ckpt (General Purpose Model):

The third one is a mystery because I cannot remember where I got it but it was called model.ckpt and I uploaded it myself because it was lost somewhere I cannot find. I did some .4 but most merges were .5 weight. I have tried so many merges and this one just clicked great.

I merged SXD with the model so I had modelsdx then merged that with Handas

You can use this model commercially I pretty sure? However I am not liable if you do messed up stuff with it.