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XenoEngine - ArtStyle Mega Model

Checkpoint Merge
Feb 11, 2024
Base Model
SD 1.5


I wanted a model or workflow process that allowed me to quickly and easily churn out art for games and/or photo stories. I didn't want long complicated prompts to create a certain art style, but I also didn't want to be forced to use LoRa's and TI's for every character. Unfortunately, most of the models where I loved the art styles didn't do so well of loading characters (celebrities for mixing, fictional characters, etc.) and the ones that knew tons of famous characters and people tended not take to the art styles I was going for (at least not without complex prompts).

As always, the example images I've posted have NO postwork done to them beyond the facial fix (in some cases) and upscaling. The point is to show how well it works out of the box - if you take the time and create really good prompts and use good negative prompts (an example is at the end of this post) you can get even better results.

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(Updated for v5.0 - YAFS (Yet Another Fresh Start) (2/11/2024)

(Updated for v4.8 - Overly TOONed Girlfriend Edition (8/13/2023)
(Updated for v4.7 - Loodey Toons Edition (7/30/2023)
(Updated for v.4.69 - New Life Edition July 24,2023)

(Updated for v.4.6 Another Final Version, June 22, 2023)
(Updated for V4.5 FINAL VERSION: May 18,2023)
(Updated "Triggers" Sections: May, 15, 2023)

V5.0 - YAFV (Yet Another Fresh Start)

Rebuilt from version 4.0 for stability purposes. While working on an update for XenoMORPH - I ended up creating several merge modules that I wanted to test by merging into other checkpoints to ensure that they wouldn't be causing issues if someone merged my stuff into another checkpoint - and I realized that when merged into this, it created the style base and overall "feel" that I had always wanted from this checkpoint.

This also makes use of the Hyperfusion V8 by @throwawayjm

So this is basically XenoEngine Artstyle v4.0 + Hyperfusion V8 + Some elements from XenoGRAPH and XenoMORPH to create a nice mix.

NOTE: This uses a technique which will hopefully help the model know "more things" but "less about each thing" - and as such, you might need to add some extra (weight:1.2) to certain tokens than you might with other checkpoints. Please do provide feedback (both negative and positive) on how well this is working for you.

v4.8 Overly TOONed Girlfriend Edition

This is primarily a balance and tuning update with a few extra enhanced pop culture concepts thrown in. Continuing to move back toward the v3.x Art Styles while maintaining freedom to apply other styles (and take it back to some fairly semi-real outputs, too).

This version has been merged and extensively tested on LowVRAM and No GPU environments as well as proper GPU installs to ensure that it works well for both entry level and advanced users.

TIP: Using Skin Perfection (in the recommended models list below) gives you a big push toward real and semi-real generations right out of the gate. Use it along with standard photography tokens. You won't get "perfect reality" but you can get it much closer than many previous versions of this model.

V4.70 Loodey Toons Edition

This version reworks a lot of different things and starts us back toward the old art style from the 3.x series - (slightly) larger eyes, western comic/cartoon style head and face, etc. While this pushes hard to keep that general style in the face, it does not push for "long" - meaning you should easily be able to put other styles (from normal prompt calls or by using LoRas and TIs) on top of (rather than outright replacing) the main style.

This version really likes portraits and scenery, but can be a little picky if you start putting too much action into the scene - e.g. Super Dynamic Poses like the one I absurdly decided to use for the cover picture here.

As soon as you start playing with "colors" very much - blond and light haired people will often be turned pink. Putting "Pink Hair" into the negative prompt will help this (just don't forget to take it out if you DO want pink hair some day).

Different sources of data (i.e. different people or styles or other concepts) are trained on different things like live photos or drawings or anime or whatever. As such, the style can change up quite a bit just by changing the subject involved.

A prompt I like to use to help generally equalize this is to put the following at the start of your prompt:

extremely detailed and realistic (brightly colored digital comic art with stroked outlines), 

It's not perfect, but tends to keep things drawn back in. Going toward a specific art style (more than just "digital comic art") and/or artist, photographer, etc. can help as well.

Here's another that I'm starting to favor a bit more... Aside from having a subject of the image, the stuff in the <> tags are optional, but I find that that order seems to make things work well.

<CAMERA POSITION>, UHD, 8k, full color ultra detailed photorealistic digital lineart painting, <SUBJECT><SUBJECT DESCRIPTORS><ACTION><LOCATION><OTHER QUALITY AND STYLE TAGS>

Sampler Selection seems a lot more important for this version and, unfortunately, I haven't had time to do enough testing to figure out which is the best. Euler A works fine for general standing poses, but as soon as you get a lot of action going (arms and/or legs moving around) DPM2 A seems to keep a better handle on things (while still at 20 iterations).

If folks hit on the best samplers, settings, upscaling settings, and so on - please let me know.

I've also been using After Detailer in most of these rather than doing any face fixing. It's an amazing tool and helps keep you from needing to upscale - and keeps the face a lot more detailed than the standard face fix.

V4.69 New Life Edition

This has always been one of my favorite models - but I made a lot of mistakes early on in the process. This New Life edition of the Xeno Engine ArtStyle Megamodel was rebuilt from the ground up. While it still has a lot of the elements that made the distinctive style, most of the hard locks have been removed. As such, the model will always put some basic Xenos Style stuff into the mix, but it should be a LOT more responsive to your artist and style calls - at least to the point of reshaping and refining the overall look and feel of it.

Using V1 of The Magic Detailer will bring out more of the Xenos ArtStyle (at higher weights - though watch out for numbers that are too high) while V2 will bring out details without changing the art style too much.

Most of the features and triggers from XenoREALITY and XenoGASM models should work here - plus, since we're not locked into trying to make this look as "real" as possible - there are a lot more things that should trigger a lot more easily in this than you'll see in those.


New (Version 4.6 Additions):

Anything from the 6th Sense XenoEngine should generally work. Some of the things merged in aren't perfect so they can mess up the style, look like garbage, or otherwise come out craptacularly. (I need to experiment yet, but complex things could probably be helped with a good "bad hands" negative prompt. On some things that work, you might need to up the weights a bit, too. e.g. (Romulan:1.3). Sometimes at low weights for some of these things - you can get a clothing upgrade without changing the appearance so much. In one of the sample images I did, I had it too low to see the "race" change, but it did put her in proper Sci-Fi themed attire (not quite accurate regulation Star Trek, but definitely obvious that that is what it was going for. Play around - let me know what works and what sucks.

NOTE: I'm not sure how well the Subreddit triggers are working. Will update as I learn more.




Small - Medium - Large - Gigantic (See below for "Flat Chest" - "Small" does NOT necessarily make breasts smaller.) Just about anything with the word "breasts" in it is going to make them bigger. The more weight you use (and for Large and Gigantic calls) the higher the tendency to make it NSFW by default. (Call your outfits and use SFW in the prompt. NSFW in the negative prompt helps, too.



This does a pretty good job of getting the breasts smaller. The weight of this is fairly low in the model so just saying "flat chest" will give very subtle looks. Play with the weights a bit. Depending upon the subject, something like (flat_chest:1.5) give or take 0.1 either way will give them a nearly flat chest. Numbers between 1 and that top point will move along the scale between normal and flat. Usually.

This will give the eyes more detail, but it also tends to drive the camera up to closeup shots - and doesn't really do all that much on anything further back than a cowboy shot. Expect usage of this to change the nature of the shot and either call your camera angle in the prompt or use EasyPose/Controlnet to force the character where you want them.

Based upon the Detail Tweaker LoRa - I baked in just a smidge of this (so there's no real reason or need to use it again with this model). Just put add_detail into the prompt with a weight (higher or lower as desired) to tweak the detail levels.

Fun Triggers

These are not really things I purposely put into the model, but that produce fun and/or interesting results. These triggers may very well work with other models you use, too.

Feminization: Something like "Chuck Norris, feminization," along with whatever else you want in a prompt will create something that would be maybe what Chuck Norris would look like as a woman.

Sanpaku: shrinks the iris of the eye a bit making more of the eye whites show and giving them a bit more detailed look. Increase the weight to make the irises even smaller (and more whites showing).

See "Version Details" to the right for minor revision update notes. This post will be updated with major notes, triggers, and other long-term items.

V4 Update Notes

Rebuilt from the ground up... got rid of some garbage (and pruned it down to half its original size) tweaked some weights that were bothering me, and generally got things cleaned up. I'm not quite happy with the style consistency, yet - but this is a good clean start on things.

NOTE: The trigger words listed are just the ones that were specifically added on top of the SD Base Model - and really only the ones I've found useful to make good tweaks and adjustments. This model is great at knowing art styles, people, and concepts that you might love (and/or hate) from the base model.

I also forgot one ingredient when adding hyperfusion - so it tends to go porny/nude when you start playing with breasts. I won't have time to update/fix until this weekend so... expect to have to do some work to add clothes if you're playing with breast sizes. Sorry about that.

V3.X Update Notes

Keywords "Masterpiece" and "add_detail" will enhance (or back down if negative levels are used).

This also responds to the Hyperfusion triggers (see version 3.2 notes) as well as all the custom art styles from Babes. (Plus many many more - but the Babes trained styles are ones likely not to be found in many other models).

A bonus (from Hyperfusion) is that it also lets you accomplish making breasts smaller - something very difficult to do on most models without bringing in a lot of extra help. With this "flat_chest:1.4" (or thereabouts) will do a nice job of shrinking things down in most cases. You can also use all the triggers from hyperfusion to make the breasts, butt, and belly do all sorts of things - and putting in weights there brings varied results too.

NOTE: At low levels, most of those calls don't go crazy by sexing everyone up. The higher your weights, the more likely that is to happen, so you may need to declare SFWs and even call a specific outfit in some cases. (I had to do that in the big bust sample image).

All previous triggers and keywords will still work, too.

Some notes on the model:

  • It "mostly" defaults to SFW out of the box. i.e. If you just type in a person's name or character description with no clothes - it'll tend to put them in clothes - or at least a swimsuit. That said... with proper prompting, does nudes and porny stuff just fine, too.

  • I didn't care so much about making sure resulting characters look "exactly" like the person you're calling out so much as wanting to make sure that if I called out that name/person again - they'd be consistent in the way they look from image to image. So, in other words, it's not so much about "accuracy" as it is about "consistency" - and that seems to come through. (This works well for my needs to create stories and whatnot)

Good Negative Prompt for this Model
canvas frame, 3d, ((disfigured)), ((bad art)), ((deformed)),((extra limbs)),((b&w)), blurry, (((duplicate))), ((morbid)), ((mutilated)), [out of frame], extra fingers, mutated hands, ((poorly drawn hands)), ((poorly drawn face)), (((mutation))), (((deformed))), ((ugly)), blurry, ((bad anatomy)), (((bad proportions))), ((extra limbs)), cloned face, (((disfigured))), out of frame, ugly, extra limbs, (bad anatomy), gross proportions, (malformed limbs), ((missing arms)), ((missing legs)), (((extra arms))), (((extra legs))), mutated hands, (fused fingers), (too many fingers), (((long neck))), ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, mutation, mutated, extra limbs, extra legs, extra arms, disfigured, deformed, cross-eye, body out of frame, blurry, bad art, bad anatomy, Scribbles, Low quality, Low rated, Mediocre, 3D rendering, Screenshot, Software, UI, watermark, signature, distorted pupils, distorted eyes, (distorted face), Unnatural anatomy, strange anatomy, things on face, ((tattoo)), ((tattoos)),

Obviously, some of those may want to be removed if you're going for something that has been excluded.