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LEOSAM's Instant photo 拍立得/Polaroid LoRA & LoHA

Updated: Apr 26, 2024
Jun 23, 2023
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SD 1.5
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🖥️Welcome to try out the open-source GPT4V-Image-Captioner, developed by my friend and me. It offers a one-click installation and comes integrated with multiple features including image pre-compression, image tagging, and tag statistics. Recently, we also launched the webui plugin version of this tool, everyone is welcome to use it!

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📖2023.6.24 Update

许多朋友反馈希望出一版不带白色边框、只保留拍立得照片质感的模型版本。因此InspX Borderless Version 在InspX Lora的基础上,通过分层调节,使得白色边框的出现概率大大降低,同时对人脸的干扰也有所降低。但作为代价,Borderless Version 的拍立得照片质感相比InspX Lora略有下降,但尚在可接受范围内

Many users have requested a model version that removes the white borders and retains only the Polaroid photo texture.

As a result, the InspX Borderless Version has been developed based on InspX Lora. By employing a layered adjustment approach, the probability of white borders appearing has been significantly reduced, and the interference with facial features is also minimized.

However, as a trade-off, the Polaroid photo texture of the Borderless Version is slightly lower than that of InspX Lora, but it is still within an acceptable range.

2023.6.3 Update

InsPX LoRA版本重新采用LoRA模型进行训练,采用了新的打标方法,并扩大了训练集与训练图像分辨率。

The InsPX LoRA version re-trains with the LoRA model, adopts a new marking method, and expands the training set and training image resolution.

2023.5.19 Update

InsPX LoHA版本不同于之前的1.0和2.0版本LoRA模型,InsPX是全新训练得到的LoHA模型,感觉要比之前的Lora版本效果上要略好一些,建议搭配FilmGirl Provia LoHA 一起使用,否则面部容易崩坏。

请注意,因为这个版本没有触发词,白色画框在某些提示词以及大模型下有一定概率并不会出现,但仍会保持Polaroid 相片的色彩质感。

InsPX LoHA version is different from the previous 1.0 and 2.0 LoRA models. InsPX is a brand new trained LoHA model. It feels slightly better than the previous Lora versions in terms of effect. It is recommended to use with FilmGirl Provia LoHA, otherwise the face is easy to collapse.

Please note that because this version does not have trigger words, the white picture frame may not appear under certain prompt words and large models, but the color texture of Polaroid photos will still be maintained



另一种使用Loha模型的方法: →

How to use the Loha model:

Please install the following plugins,, then use the same method as Lora. You need to place the model in the \models\Lora folder, and then call it with the lora:FilmGX2:XXX command.

Another way to use the Loha model →

This is a Polaroid-style LoRA, where version 2.0 has become much more stable compared to version 1.0. However, in some complex scenarios, limbs and facial features may still experience distortion. The main reason is that the training set consists of 512x768 photos, and the white frame of the Polaroid occupies a significant portion of the image, which leaves limited content for actual training.


If you want to fully replicate the white frame of a Polaroid photo, it is recommended to set the Lora weight between 0.55 and 0.7. Lower weights can display the effect of the Polaroid filter, but the frame size may be inconsistent.

如果要完全复现拍立得照片的白色相框,建议的Lora weight为0.55~0.7。较低的权重可以呈现拍立得滤镜的效果,但相框可能会时大时小。

It is suggested to use this LoRA in combination with FilmGirl LoRA for a synergistic effect in terms of appearance and color correction.

建议搭配FilmGirl LoRA使用,可以起到在形貌和色彩上的增益矫正效果。

After testing, this model works quite well with MoonMIX, majicMIX realistic, and ChilloutMix. Other realistic models should also perform well, so feel free to experiment with different options.

测试了下,本模型在使用MoonMIXmajicMIX realisticChilloutMix,效果蛮不错。其他真实系模型应该也不差,大家可以多自行尝试。

Occasionally, the generated photos may show body parts extending beyond the white frame. However, this minor flaw does not detract from the overall image and may even add a sense of depth to the picture.