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An extensive comparison part 2 - embeddings vs checkpoints

An extensive comparison part 2 - embeddings vs checkpoints

1. Introduction

This is a continuation of my previous post - - and another set of embeddings was analyzed, this time on a somewhat smaller set of checkpoints. The checkpoints are largely the same as in the previous article, but I removed some, the reason being one of:

  • some I found to be redundant (too similar to another checkpoint),

  • some exhibited too much bias and would therefore experience little effect of an embedding

  • some produced overall of less beautiful results

All the rest of the settings remained identical:

Prompt: detailed portrait of extremely beautiful <embedding>, 20yo, flawless skin, detailed eyes, sultry expression, perfectly lit face
Negative: BadDream, easynegative, pale skin, painted lips, nude, blushing, upper body, wide shot, hands, arms, lying, sitting, breasts, (black and white image)
Sampling method: Euler a
Sampling steps: 50
Width: 512
Height: 512
CFG Scale: 7.5
Clip skip: 2
SD VAE: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.ckpt

Using X\Y\Z plot:

  • The X axis received embeddings

  • The Y axis received checkpoints

2. Batching the results

The batching process was similar to the previous article. The letters A through D are collections of checkpoints, the numbers 1 to 5 are groups of embeddings. The embeddings were grouped alphabetically, the checkpoints were grouped by categorization:

  • A: resembling 2D & 3D animation

  • B: 2.5D - resembling realistic drawings or heavily filtered photographs

  • C: 2.9D - almost but not yet realistic

  • D: photoshop realism

3. Results

The images in this article are downscaled to 25% of their generated size. Click on them to view the full sized image.

3.1. Group A

Batch A1

Batch A2

Batch A3

Batch A4

Batch A5

3.2. Group B

Batch B1

Batch B2

Batch B3

Batch B4

Batch B5

3.3. Group C

Batch C1

Batch C2

Batch C3

Batch C4

Batch C5

3.4. Group D

Batch D1

Batch D2

Batch D3

Batch D4

Batch D5

4. References

4.1 Checkpoints

4.1.1 Group A - 2D and 3D

4.1.2 Group B - 2.5D

4.1.3. Group C - 2.9D

4.1.4. Group D - Photoshop realism

4.2 Embeddings