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Video Generation March 2024 Roundup

article will be updated so check back :)

please comment if we missed your favourite AI video generator!


  1. SDV-XT 1.1

  2. SDXL Animatediff

Paid Tools

  1. txt2motion

  2. video generation

  3. Eleven Labs Dubbing

  4. D-ID, Virtual Assistant Video

  5., Video Generation

  6., video AI lipsync

SDV-XT 1.1

Allows generation of random animation with Stable Diffusion Video XT 1.1. The workflow used a single input image with no prompt.

SDXL Animatediff

Used existing SDXL Checkpoints (and lora) with Controlnet and Animatediff XL. The workflow requires a stack of models to run, and take a video input. full details are explained on the workflow page.

Text to Motion

Discord service allows us to select a 3D model from a list, while prompting animation. These animations can be transformed with prompts (and saved for use with animatediff)

Eleven Labs Dubbing Translator

Translate your content across 29 languages in seconds with voice translation, speaker detection, and audio dubbing, could be used as part of a multi stage project, but lip sync is a new service that pops up in an improved form from time to time.

D-ID Virtual Assistants / Agents

Generated Audio and video, lip synced with a personality, programmable with API

Haiper AI

Currently one of the best text2video HD & img2video HD generators out there, currently you can test it but it will be paid soon


Allows you to redub a video with AI lipsync

other methods will be added here soon :) please comment with services we missed.