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Full Feature Fantasy Prompts - Characters

Jul 7, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
Trigger Words
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100+ detailed dynamic prompts with fantasy, sci-fi, video game, mythological and historical themes. Each prompt includes setting, background, pose and (mostly) gender-agnostic character details.

WARNING: Starting from version 2.0, the wildcards require a new extension.

Please install, and move all of your wildcards to its 'wildcards' folder, if you're using v2.0 of the wildcards or newer. The extension offers the same functionality as dynamic prompts, but allows for negative prompts to be added to the wildcards, which is utilized in the files. For guaranteed compatibility, it is recommended that you remove the dynamic prompts extension when installing Umi-AI.
If for any reason, you wish to continue using the dynamic prompts extension, you can simply replace the ** .. ** text in the wildcards files. For detailed instructions, scroll to the bottom of the description.

As of v2.1, LoRas and embeddings used by the wildcards can now be downloaded with the included lora_downloader script.

  • make sure that the scirpt, and the fpf_download_links.txt files are in your wildcards folder

  • start the script with the lora_downloader.bat file (Windows), or type python into your console

The script was developed and tested with python 3.10.12. If you run into any issues, try

If you do not wish to use the script, the links for the used LoRas and embeddings can be found in the fpf_download_links.txt file.

Note on 'Lite' versions of the wildcards: These are the same wildcards, without the LoRas in them. There is still plenty of variance among generated images even without the LoRas, but expect less overall flavor when using the lite versions.
The lite versions are useful

  • if you want to run batch generations, as the without the LoRas, there won't be cross-contamination, or tensor size mismatch among the images in the batch

  • if you don't want to download the ever increasing list of LoRas

  • if you want to rely more on the base model, without LoRas potentially influencing the style of the generation

Note: textual inversions (embeddings) are still utilized in lite versions, so please download the ones listed below.


Add a description of the character you'd like in the generated image (feel free to use character LoRas), plus any style/quality keywords necessary for the model you're using, then add __full-prompt-fantasy__ or __full-prompt-fantasy-random__ to the prompt.

best quality, masterpiece, 1man, russian (male:1.1), solo, aquamarine eyes, long brown beard, __full-prompt-fantasy__

Some example characters are provided in the character.txt in the downloaded archive, so if you just want to run a few tests, you can use the following prompt:
best quality, masterpiece, __character__ __full-prompt-fantasy__

More diverse character wildcards can be found here:

Negative prompt should be whatever the model necessitates, or your preferred negative prompt. Some models have race or gender bias due to the material that was used for training, you can usually use negative prompts to compensate. eg. if your generations come out with female characters despite describing the character as male, add "woman, girl" to the negative prompt, use weights if necessary.

Other settings mostly depend on the model, use whatever gives good results even without the wildcards. Image aspect ratio should either be portrait, or 1:1 (most test-generations were made with 512x768 resolution).

Necessary extension: (needed for wildcards to work)

Additional usage notes:

Other than the above, feel free to experiment with additions to the prompt, though most of the wildcards are rather long, so if you want to have a significant impact, weights may be necessary. The prompts rarely use weights above 1.1, so if your additions seem to have no effect, try weights of 1.15 or more.



If you want to continue using the dynamic prompts extension instead of UMI AI, you can remove the negative prompts from your wildcard files.

Negative prompts are surrounded by ** characters, so in short, you can use find & replace with following regex in suitable text editors, like Notepad++: (\*\*.*?\*\*) ).

  1. Open the wildcard file with Notepad++ (download and install the latest version if you don't have it).

  2. Press Ctrl+H to open the Replace window

  3. Search for the following expression: (\*\*.*?\*\*), and replace it with nothing, make sure you have Search Mode set to 'Regular expression'. Click 'Replace All' to perform the replace operation.