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Checkpoint Merge
Aug 9, 2023
Base Model
SD 1.5
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Experience SDXL BETA Released!


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Note : Description is slightly outdated. A full rework of the description; and the addition of a PDF guide are coming soon.

Check the versions above

With the release of Experience v7.0, there is now a second version you may be interested in -Realistic Experience. Both Experience and Realistic Experience are updated at the same time.

Version Selection


  • General purpose

  • 3D render focus with photorealistic secondary.

  • Space booty

Realistic Experience

  • General purpose

  • Photorealistic focus with 3D render secondary.

  • Improved skin texture

  • Space booty

What changed in v10?

Also applies to Realistic Experience v3

  • Lowered the Noise offset value during fine-tuning, this may have a slight reduction in other-all sharpness, but fixes some of the contrast issues in v8, and reduces the chances of getting un-prompted overly dark generations.

  • Improved Prompt adherence : How well the neural network follows a user's prompt.

  • Similarly, the models now have less of a chance of generating un-prompted nsfw images and vice versa.

Note: A full prompt guide and more detailed explanation between the two models is being worked on. For now, since everyone has different tastes - it's best to look at the sample images and choose which model best suits your taste. All previous versions of the model will remain up, so if you liked a previous release it will still be available to download.

Note about Clipfix in v6.5

Merged Models

A list of merged models can be found bellow in the description of the attached model version.


  • NSFW Photography

    • SFW Photography is also possible, see "Trigger Words" bellow.

  • Photorealistic 3D renders

  • human anatomy

  • Stylized images

  • Landscapes

  • Concept Art

  • Album Art

  • ect.. This is more of a general purpose model


  • Anime, Although you can give it a try!

Anime is now possible, although this was not the focus of the model. For a focused 3d render/anime model see, Eris

Trigger Words

I'm not aware of any trigger words that have drastic influence on the generation process.

However, tags such as:

"3d render", "cartoon" | "nsfw", "sfw", "nudity", and "erotica"

tend to add push the generation (to some degree) in one direction or another. For example, putting sfw in your prompt and nsfw in your negative prompt should push the generation to produce a SFW image.


8-9-23 : Updated Experience to v10 (skipping v9). Updated Realistic Experience to v3

3-31-23 : Uploaded Experience 8, Experience 7.5, and Realistic Experience 2

4-1-23 : Added .ckpt versions of Experience 8 and Realistic Experience 2

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If you made this far, Thanks!